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Sick Day Guidelines
01/28/2009 at 10:28 AM

The marketing company I work for is doing a campaign for Triaminic. The National Association of School Nurses and Triaminic partnered to create Sick Day Guidelines. The Sick Day Guidelines aim to provide parents with the key signs that they should consider keeping their child home from school.

The Sick Day Guidelines will be available in the form of a refrigerator magnet and will be given out by school nurses across the country.

I know to keep my kids home when they have a fever, but working on this campaign got me thinking about when my kids' cold symptoms warrant keeping them home from school.

How do you guys know when to keep your kids home from school?

I base my decision on the symptoms and on how my children are feeling. Obviously if my sons are contageous (pink eye, strep throat...) or they have a fever, I keep them home. If they're feeling ok and only have a few minor symptoms, I usually send them. Sometimes I'll keep them home if they're tired or mushy, even if their symptoms are minor and they're probably considered ok for school.

Thanks for your feedback. I never considered keeping my kids home if they're tired or mushy, but the sick day guidelines say you should if it prevents them from being productive in school. Sometimes I'll let them stay home if they have an excessive cough. I don't want them to get their classmates sick.