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School bags - Heavy
03/23/2008 at 07:50 AM

Did any of you read the article in the Sunday Times about children carrying as much as the weight of a fully loaded microwave on their backs in terms of their school bags?

 I don't understand it....... how come adults are protected by 'Health and Safety Law' and our Children are not?  

I don't know if you are in Britain or America bit at least in American schools children have lockers. Here in Britain, children don't have lockers and have to carry their bags about with them all day when they change classes etc. I badly damaged my right shoulder when I was at college some years back and that was due to carrying so many books etc in my backpack. My shoulder is a lot better now but can still give me problems when I move it in certain ways. I guess one solution could be bags on wheels?

Is this really an issue? Now we don’t want our kids carrying their books? How many more regulations, and laws do we need to “protect” us. As a kid I spent a large majority of my summers on a chainsaw cutting logs, then splitting them with an 8 pound maul, and hauling the wood to be stacked. This didn’t break my body down, it made me stronger. How far do the laws need to go? This is ridiculous.


Ah yes... the good old days. We were so hard then weren't we. In the good old days I didn't have a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner. I had to wash clothes for a family of 5 by hand, and get down on my knees to sweep the floor by hand. I'm thankful I no longer have to and thank God our children do get some protection. But times change thank goodness. We can now cure lots of types of cancer, black death seems to have been vanquished etc etc etc. We are not all built as tough as you singledad.

Junieg,In your patronizing reply you take the issue out of context and insert diseases such as cancer and black death. Certainly, finding cures for such deadly diseases is progress, but I would argue that building a generation of kids who are unable to carry their own books is more of a deterioration than progression. Without a doubt there are many more conveniences to help with our households, and the tasks which need to be accomplished on a daily basis. But truthfully, what shape were your arms in when you were washing those clothes by hand? Nowadays we have become so sedentary that we go to a gym to get the much needed exercise that we don’t get due to modern conveniences . Like the gerbil on a running wheel we have to seek out that which will keep us healthy due to our modern lifestyle. The slow deterioration , much like watching the grass grow, is hard to see but If you look back over the decades it is quite detectable. In your last comment to me I would replace the word “tough” with capable.


Well singledad, it looks like we have very different views yet again.  I don't think I have anything else to add and leave the floor open for views from others if they wish to comment. Please feel free to insert  the word tough in place of capable if you wish. It really doesn't make that much difference.

Hey All


I have to say that I have an opinion on this topic for sure.  My daughter has had serious back problems from her book bag at school.  There are lockers but the kids do not have time between classes to go to their lockers and get to class on time so they often have to carry at least half their books and binders with them through the day.  Then, if they are only carrying half of their books they have to go during their lunch period (22 minutes for lunch) and change out their books---basically giving them no time to eat lunch.  When I was in school we had plenty of time to go by our lockers and get books and binders out in between classes.


That is one of the problems, the other problem is the size of the books and binders.  I have some old books and workbooks from my grandmother's day, they were much smaller in size.  She has 6 classes and all of those books are between 2-3 inches---800-1000 pages and then binders for all these classes, think about it.


It is not unusual for my daughter's bookbag to weigh between 40 and 50 pounds, now this is a girl who weighs only 100 pounds, so she is carrying around half her body weight on her back---I don't know many people who could do that for days and days and not have back problems. 


I don't think this is a case of our children not being strong enough or being too lazy, this is a problem with how the schools are handling the schedules of these children.