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Question about a supplement: Has anyone heard of it?
01/21/2010 at 13:51 PM

Hi, back again. This seems to be my week of woes. 8-( Just wondering if anyone's heard of a brain supplement called PETA Happy, Calm and Focused. Supposedly it's the #1 non prescription brain supplement recommended by drs. It's an all natural amino acid approach, and it's said to help w/ mood, behavior, focusing, stress.... So of course I looked it up b/c I'm always searching for that miracle pill for my 6 yr old son who has focusing issues. I'm not a huge fan of prescription meds, especially at such a young age. So come to find out, this company offers free samples for first time buyers. I thought, what do I have to lose, so I ordered one. Just this morning I decided to try it on myself being it's all natural and since I'm always stressed. It's only the first day so I don't notice anything. I'm not even sure it'll work, but then again who knows. Anyway, I was hoping to find someone who uses or has used this supplement and hear about their experience. I've done the research, and according to all the reviews I've found, PETA keeps coming up #1. The only problem I learned is that it's supposedly not suitable for children under 12. I made an appt w/ my son's pediatrician to discuss our options and to see if it's possible to cut the dose in 1/2 for him.
In the past, I've posted about another product called Attend which sounds really good, but I just read not so great things about it. I never tried it, though.
I realize medication is probably the most effective way to go, but I can't help worrying about the side effects. I currently give my son Omega 3 fish oil which I know has many great health benefits, but we haven't seen any improvement in his focusing. I'm open to any other suggestions as well, as I want to do whatever I can to help my son. Thanks to all who reply.

Natural products have side effects, too. The company is not required to disclose them because they aren't drugs.

Actually in the info packet, it states that this supplement does have mild side effects that are rare, but possible. Supposedly, they are said to go away after the first wk of use. This company is the only one I found that doesn't hide behind it's product. It has the most upfront and honest approach and many testimonials to back it up, unlike other products I researched. I'm not one to fall for that "customer service sales pitch" that so many companies preach. I just want to try the product to see if it will possibly have a positive effect on my son. After speaking to the dr, she told me it was safe to give to my son at a lower dosage and it wldn't hurt, so we'll see. I just know that if I don't try this w/ my son, I'd always wonder what if. This morning was the first time we gave our son the supplement. It didn't seem to have an effect on him at all, good or bad. So all we can do is try it for a while and see. If anyone has any info about this product or any other product on the market that they've tried, please let me know. Thanks for your help.

I have been looking into alternatives to prescription meds as my daughter has just been diagnosed with mild to moderate ADD. She was prescribed Adderall and after reading the side effects and other info I've decided to go another route. I to have looked into and read all the info about PETA Happy,Calm & Focused and wondered if it was worth trying. Are you and your child having any luck or noticing any changes in behavior with this product? I would love to hear from someone other than what is posted on their web site. Tahnks-April

Hi April, I'm so happy to hear from someone on this site who has heard of PETA. Yes, I started my son on the supplement about a month ago. After cking w/ his dr, I was told I cld give my son 1 capsule a day. I was also told to stop giving him his multi-vitamin w/ fluoride, which I did stop. At one capsule a day, I see minimal results. I did try a "loading dose" of 2 caps a day for a few days, but still I haven't seen much change. I rec'd feedback from the company saying that most children need 3-6 capsules per day. However, despite this and despite the many testimonials, I'm more inclined to listen to my son's dr, as I don't know that much about large doses of vitamins and their effects (especially on young children). I'm not sure how old your daughter is, but I can tell you this. My 6 yr old son has had no negative effects on PETA so far, and he gives me no trouble taking it. His teacher has reported some improvement in my son's focusing, but I'm not sure if that's related to the increase in his sensory input therapy or PETA or maybe both. (I haven't told my son's teacher about him taking PETA yet.) At home, though, we haven't seen much change in our son. I read somewhere that the company may be coming out w/ a children's chewable form of PETA which I'd be interested in trying. The fact remains, there is not enough known about the effects of mega doses of vitamins on the body, and without this info, it's hard not to worry. Yet, considering the alternative of prescription meds, you can't help asking yourself which is better. Still, I believe (from what I've researched), that PETA is the best brain supplement out there, and it's definitely worth trying if you're looking for an alternative to medication. Every person is different, so your child may just have positive effects. I personally wld recommend at least trying it. Talk to your child's dr. first, of course. If you do decide to try PETA, please keep me posted on how things go. I'd love to hear how your daughter makes out and if she has any positive results. Good luck!

Hi Concerned, Let me just say that this product is what it says it is. If you have incurring problems with physical stamina or just feel dazed and tired all the time, this will help. I have never had problems with being active and enjoyed going out to sports but since this year i have lost virtually all my energy to do what i most enjoyed. I browsed numerous articles and tried the best supplements but no one had formulated EXACT doses in a capsule or powder to help nourish what I know now is a lack of nutrients to central areas of the nervous system and areas of the brain which control fatigue,sadness,happiness,strength, recovery(working out),mood swings, anger, and also mental focus, eye strain & vision acquity. These are very unique enzymes which i have not found anyone making. I just oredered the sample bottle with a14 day trial. Nothing to lose except $9 and a phone call to cancel. But these enzymes fixed my chronic fatique and "out of sync" feeling ALL THE TIME! Now now that these are nutrients that burn off with age 35+ years of age but some teens do get depression and anxiety inbalances too. Anyways, I take take two capsules in the morning with my 2 omega 3's(fish Oil) capsules for circulation before breakfast(must be on empty stomach)to allow absorbtion to areas of brain that are lacking the enzymes. Then two more before dinner and you are good to go! Hope that helps.

Thanks, Robert. I appreciate your feedback, and I'm glad that PETA is working for you.

Hi! I've tried this PETA Happy, Calm & Focused and it works for me. I shared it to my family and even to my 5yr old daughter who had been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Their Customer Service informed me that it was safe to take by children over 4yrs old. So, I started giving my child a half(1/2) capsule/day then increased it to three capsules a day. That is after checking with my child's Pedia. Of course it will take time to see the effect. But after a months of taking it, I was told that my child's performance at school has been improved according to her teacher. I'm glad I've found PETA. Now I don't have problem with my child.

Great to hear! Thanks!

I also read and reviewed the PETA supplement as being the #1 supplement for increasing one's focus and overall mood. It had a wonderful attractive website and looked "legit". I am normally pretty wary of these offers but decided to order it because it had so many companies supposedly recommending it. When I first took the recommended 2 capsules, 30 minutes before eating......everything seemed fine until I got a headache. This lasted at least one more day. I didn't attribute this to the PETA supplement...afterall, everyone gets headaches now and then. However, after a second attempt, I again got the headache. Next, I reduced the dosage to one capsule and still had the headache. After this, I just stopped them altogether. Subsequently, I forgot about the "customer loyalty program" that you are put in....and I received my second bottle of PETA. I called the number (888)PETASYSTEM to cancel any more orders. I spoke with a Harry Acevedo and he agreed to cancel the program but did not give me a confirmation number. I didn't even think I'd need this at the time. PLEASE BE SURE TO GET A CONFIRMATION NUMBER WHEN YOU CANCEL OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE SENT ANOTHER BOTTLE AND HE WILL DENY THAT HE EVER SPOKE TO YOU WHEN YOU CALL AGAIN!! YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR ANOTHER DARN BOTTLE FOR $39.95 AND NOT BE GIVEN A REFUND FOR ANY OF IT!! This is bad business! I now have paid for 2 bottles that I will NEVER USE!

csterada, Thank you so much for your honest feedback. I keep hearing all positive things about this product, but I've also read some negative things as well. I'm glad there are message boards such as these to discuss our concerns. It seems the company doesn't allow you access to communicate live w/ other people who have tried the product. All you get is what's already in print as their "testimonials". But really, who are these people I wonder? It's hard to trust what's written on their website alone. For me, I haven't seen much change in my son since using PETA. It's been 4 mos. At this point I'm at a loss. I'm sorry you and many others have been jerked around. I really hope this company gets their act together soon. Thank you for the word of warning.

I am a holistic practitioner who has suffered from ADD my whole life and whose son also has this condition. I have tried many other things on the market, have changed my diet and son's diet and nothing really worked until PETA. My son was on Ritalin for four years and I weaned him off in February. He was doing better but really needed something to help him focus as well as I did and after reading all the testimonials I figured it was worth trying and I liked not being "locked" into a plan with them. I got my first bottle of PETA two months ago and started taking 2 caps a morning and gave my son who is 11 - 1 cap. I didn't really notice right away how well I was actually doing on it as well as him. We both suffer from ADD as well a a bit of anxiety and depression. I noticed my son not being so anxious and his behaviors were improving. I also notice when I forget to take them or give them to either himself or myself! This am I was running late and forgot the ritual of my taking the 2 and giving him the 1 right after me and wow I am telling you my focus is just awful at work. In my day job I have had a REALLY hard time focusing at all today.. My mind is all over the place. Well tomorrow it will be on my sink so I don't forget it. Also just for you moms out there.. my son didn't like taking Ritalin but he does LIKE taking PETA. At first he thought it was another gimmick I was tryin to give him and then one day I said you want the PETA and he said yes, it really works mom, I feel the difference.. If you want to email me let me know. It's really worth trying. You don't know how valuable this is and if you think it's expensive just cut $10 out of your grocery budget each week, that is what I did. I'd rather have this than live without it and if you only take 3 a day like we do the bottle lasts longer. And plus..ive never slept so well in my life either. My insomnia is gonzo.

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Peta didn't work for my son. We gave it a shot, but unfortunately we saw no results. Glad he tried it, though, and happy it's working for you.