Premenstrual syndrome can happen at my age of 23?
12/28/2011 at 17:59 PM

I am 23, whether can I get into premenstrual syndrome? I am suffering from late cycle for 4 month, but my doctors said nothing wrong and I have to wait. I am afraid that have too soon menopause and unable to get baby.

I would do 3 things. First, tell your nephew's parents what has happened. Second, supervise your son ANYTIME there are other children present. Third, try to determine what sparked this behavior. It could be something he saw in the media or something he experienced personally. Either way, he needs to be protected from further exposure. Because he is more mature than the other child, it is possible that power is part of this dynamic. It is also possible that it is 'normal' exploration, though I believe that close supervision is still necessary in this case. Even if your child is experiencing it as normal, the younger child may be experiencing it as exploitation.