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possibly pregnant need help and advice
10/29/2012 at 20:03 PM

hi im 19 female sexually active. ive been having trouble for the past 2 weeks at 1st it started out as severe stomach pain and diarrhea. I went to the er and the doc said it was colitics and that it would go away, they also did a pregnancy test and it came out neg. Couple days later my stomach has grown alot, my breast have gotten bigger more fuller, major cravings, i cant sleep im almost never tired, i sweat more, sore muscles, and also there was alittle brown blood today when i used the bathroom. They also took blood from me but im not sure if they did a pregnancy test with that they did say anything. I bought an at home pregnancy test it also was negative but im still having pregnancy symptoms. Have any of you women been or know anyone pregnant but all test say no? It still might be early i guess. How long should i wait i intil take another test? help please thank you

I would wait till you miss your next period. Even though some women still have a first period befor they stop :( the symptoms you listed though ( besides diarrhea ) are not early pregnancy symptoms. They are more end of first trimester or second trimester. All women are different though and a blood test is most accurate. Good luck!

To be honest and I know this sounds bad but I dont really keep track off my period cycle I swing it old school and just wait intil my body tells me. Also I was on the depo shot and I didnt have a period.

I don't think those symptoms are exclusive to pregnancy. They do sound hormonal, though. It might be worth a trip to your obgyn to see if you have endometriosis going on, or PCOS. My girls and I get truly sick sometimes, as if we have the flu. The timing can be anywhere from ovulating to all thru our periods. You also could have mono, or a virus. When I was pregnant, I never was sweaty or had a generalized soreness. They probably did screen for pregnancy-- but wait another week and see. A store test that gives you a positive is pretty reliable. They look for pregnancy hormone, and it's just not in your system unless you are pregnant. Good luck-- and use better protection so that you can enjoy your sex life without regret and stress.

Do not worry. These are not pregnancy symptoms. You can also see the negative pregnancy result you have got every time. Take care of yourself and wait for the blood test reports. Everything will be all right and yes, always use protection before having sex for a healthy life.

I have a sister, she's 6 months pregnant; her test and scan report reveals dat alot of water surround her womb. Is termination of the pregnancy as adviced by the doctor an option?

I am 15, I have missed my period for 3 days. Today is the fourth day. I have recently found that I am discharging a pinkish fluid then it went to brown, now it is bright red. And my upper stomach is aching! Could I possible be pregnant?

plz plz help me! ..i have a girlfriend and she is of 18 age. her cycle was disturbed since 6 month...her period was just only of 17 or 18 days sometime ...some time it was a fine. but problem is that its 2 month but still she was not mensurated??we had a sex too?she is pregnant or not???please reply me??