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Need a Wheelchair for grandmother
05/30/2009 at 15:20 PM

My grandmother is in town from Colorado for 10 days. Today she stepped out of the car wrong and twisted her ankle. She doesn't want to go to the doctor - but she's having a hard time getting around on her foot. It's not swollen - but she really seems to be in pain. I'm trying to find a place that rents wheelchairs - that's open on the weekend. Does anyone know where I could get a wheelchair for a few days without waiting until Monday?

Thank You!!

Most medical supply stores will have them on hand. Do a search for the area you live in and start calling to see who is open. If she hurt it bad enough have her keep it elevated when she sits down. It will also help if an ace bandage is wrapped snugly around her ankle to prevent swelling that may set in. I was working one day and rolled my ankle, it hurt but I was going to tough it out through the day. That night I awoke to terrible pain, and to find that my ankle was quite swollen. The next day I could not walk on it. Now if I roll, or twist while working, I am always sure to wrap it to prevent it from swelling.

I'd ice it, too

Call your local hospital and get their advice on the ankle and wheelchair. Your grandmother may be more seriously injured than you realise. Better to be safe than sorry.