My son walks on his tip toes
11/18/2008 at 14:55 PM

My son walks on his tip toes.  He has had an MRI and lab work done, Physical therapy but nothing more.  He does have an appointment on Thursday with his PCP but she is not doing much more to help the situation.  He has stopped playing sports, is not very active, and doesn't even like to go to recess.  This needs to be fixed and i need advice and opinions on how to do so.  I have done a internet research, but i'm not finding any local pediatricts that specializes in this sort of case.  We are from Oregon.  If you could please let me know what other things i can do, or try,that would greatly be appreciated. Thanks you so much.  

My 10 year old daughter has walked on her tip toes since she was 2. Great calf muscles!If I give give her a reminder, she will come down off her toes and walk properly. She has seen her pediatrician to determine if this toe-walking is causing problems, such as a shortening muscles. No long term damage seems to have happened over 8 years. I also took her to a podiatrist to see if she had feet problems either as a result of the toe-walking or causing it. The Dr. determined she has flat feet and recommended fitted corrective soles. We tried the soles ($$$) and they made it difficult for her to toe walk. Did it correct the problem? No.

Addtionally, I noticed that she will begin toe-walking when she is unsure of herself. I try to gently remind her to come down (without embarrassing her). I've tried giving her ways to remind herself to not toe walk, but it continues. She does it less than when she was younger, but still does it time to time.

I've not been able to solve it, but I would recommend checking with his doctors to make sure there is no long term damage.


My son is 17 and has walked on his toes his whole life.


Your son, was he able to continue in sports, and it didn't bother him? My son has no strength in his legs and does not want to be in sports because of his legs hurting. Does he have any hip problems or anything long term happened to him? Just wondering.


At his appointment i will make sure i get some of those answers before i take steps that might actually just be more money but not solving anything. I just don't want him missing out on activities because of his legs, what are some ways you gave your daughter to remind herself not to toe walk? I see him do it a lot when he is unsure of himself, also. these comments make me feel better, thank you so much!


My son never liked sports much. He also did not complain of hip or leg strain. It could be something more for your son than just his inate manner if he has pain.

My son actually walks on his toes more when he is unsure as well; I did notice this when he was young. I hate to see him physically display his insecurity now that he is 17. I think it's kinda like physically seeing his vulnerability.

For my son, I think it is just his way and not a physicall problem.


It's not a bad thing that my seven year old walks on his tip toes, that's his trait i wouldn't take it away from him, i'm just worried about the pain more so than his physical ability to want to play sports or run or ride a bicycle. I just want him to know that this pain can be gone, and we exercise alot, he is not a big kid, he's tall for his age, but he's "normal" weight. I just want him to have no more pain. =)


I've heard of this before, but never experienced this w/ either of my children. Both of my kids have slightly low muscle tone, and we were told by a PT that many low tone children often have flat feet. Neither of my boys do, though, which is a mystery. I do know someone whose son walks on his tip toes and has low muscle tone. His case seems more severe, however, since he wears braces on his legs as well. Neither of my boys are very sports oriented, but they are very creative minded. So, we focus on their strengths and what they enjoy doing most. The PT did give us several exercises to work on at home. W/ practice, both my boys have improved.
I'm not sure about corrective shoes being beneficial for toe walking, but when my brother was little, he wore them b/c the dr said he was pigeon-toed (he walked w/ his feet pointing inward). It's an option to explore. Mostly, though, I wld use frequent reminders and daily exercises to retrain your son. Before long, it'll probably become second nature to him. Good luck!


Yeah those are great ideas thanks so much!! =)


My 10 year old son has walked on his toes forever also. He does have the BEST calf muscles! He is very involved in sports and running on his toes seems to make him even faster. What worries me is that now he is TRYING to walk on his flat feet and he says it hurts. Any suggustions?


Please, make sure to google a diseas called Charcolt-Marie-Tooth. This is often not diagnoised, but please look into it and present it to a podiatrist....not a pediatrict...take your child to a foot doctor. Good luck.


So, if it's no big deal, how about you quit bugging him about it.


My best friend’s brother walked on his tip toes when he was young. We didn’t tease him about it, it's just how he was. He eventually grew out of it. A friend’s daughter who comes to visit for the weekends also walks on her tip toes. There is nothing wrong with it. They eventually grow out of it. I don’t think that teasing him and making him feel that he is being feminine is the answer. If someone were to do such a nasty thing to one of my boy’s I would show them the door real quick.