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my daughters obsessed with food
01/19/2011 at 12:42 PM

my 5 year old daughter is obsessed with food its got so bad that she is stealing food at school out of the other kids lunch boxes and at home she will hide it in her room she is under the hospital for her behavohor and they are looking at ADHD or some thing a long them lines can any one help before it gets anworse thanks maz

I think you are wise to have professionals looking at this. Most of my children have gone through a phase where they were secretive about different things, but your experience sounds way beyond that. When I was certifying for foster care I learned in a training that this behavior is common among children who have been in situations where food is scarce and among children who have been removed from their homes even if food has always been plentiful. The plan we implemented with our foster children was to provide them "emergency" backpacks near their bedside with a flashlight, snacks, bandaids, a water bottle, pencil and paper, and a dollar. If they ate the food they could re-stock from the pantry, no questions asked, and every Monday I checked and re-stocked the backpack. We also scheduled after-school and bedtime snacks along with 3 square meals a day.