My daughter chews on he blankets sheets anything she can while she sleeps! HELP ME STOP HER! - FamilyEducation
My daughter chews on he blankets sheets anything she can while she sleeps! HELP ME STOP HER!
04/01/2008 at 09:43 AM

My daughter has chewed on her blanket corners since i stopped breast feeding. I cant get her to stop, and my boyfriend and I are worried its going to cause some kind of damage to her teeth and/or health. Can someone help me figure out what to do. I have taken all of her blankets and sheets and then she chews on the pillow case then if i take that she chews on the actual pillow. What should i do!

I would not be to concerned about this. She obviously replace the security and comfort of the breast. Other children suck their thumbs. I do not know how old the child is, therefor it is difficult to say. If she is small, put a cumfy but sanve blanke in her bed, while she is falling asleep, ticle her softly with it and then place it in her hands. With time she will not chew but tickle herself. Very inportant that she feel included in your relationship and secure when it is bedtime.

I hesitate to recommend a comforter as I know there are a lot of people who are against them, but it could give her just that little bit of comfort she needs as she goes to sleep. Just given at bedtimes I don't think it would cause too much harm. Probably safer than chiking on blanket fibres.

If she isn't taking multivitamins, try that. I remember sometime reading that some vitamin deficiency manifests this way, but it was sooooo loooooong ago.

My little boy used to pull the filling from his pillow, comforter, blankets, stuffed animals etc. he would then push the filling up his nose. I tried and tried everything to stop him. One time he started to have the WORST bad breath. I took him to his dental appointment and the Dentist explained he had rotten fiber in his nose. He used a pair of pointy tweezers and pulled it out. GROSS!! Anyway, he grew out of it....

First off thank you for your feedback. My daughter is 4 years old and is getting ready to turn 5. We have always had a steady bedtime routine, i read her atleast 2 stories/books, then I rub her back for at least 15 minutes and then my boyfriend rocks her. So we def. try to make her as comfortable as possible so she falls asleep happy and feeling safe. I will def. try a sanve blanket to see if that works. But i think she may just chew on that. She will chew on anything from the sheet to blanket, to the actual pillow itself. I've even caught her chewing on her sleeve of her pj's. Im just not sure what to do i am afraid she will have problems with her teeth if this doesnt end soon. So thank you!

When I asked my family pharmacist about the vitamin deficiency thing he said it might be iron deficiency.

My son used to put everything in his mouth when he was a baby. Now he's 3, and he bites his nails. My older son who's 4 also bites his nails, as well as grinds his teeth at night while he's sleeping. The nail biting is probably just a nervous habit that I'm hoping my kids will outgrow (although I've been a terrible nail biter for yrs). As far as the teeth grinding goes, I've heard there are mouth guards you can get from your dentist to help the situation, but at 3 and 4 yrs old, is that really necessary? Apparently, from what I've heard, if you continue to grind your teeth, you can wear down the enamel on them, therefore causing bigger problems. Has anyone else heard anything like this before? Do you think this is something that needs to be addressed right away?

Warning: my son started this exact thing, biting his sheets at 7, now he's 19 and still does it. I can't figure it out. I can't stop it. He's had many cavities...any suggestions would be great. I worried too! He actually sees a doctor for Parainsomnia where he yells in his sleep too, I don't know if that has anything to do with it.?