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My 6yr old neice is obsessed with food and always needs to be touching people
08/14/2011 at 11:29 AM

I have a neice who is 6 and is OBSESSED with food. she is constantly asking when we will be eating, what we'll be eating, and asks for thirds and even fourths at meal times. she is not significantly overweight but she is definitely on her way. Not only is she addicted to food but she always needs to be touching someone; hugging, sitting in your lap, hanging from your arm, or laying next to you on the couch. she has two younger siblings who dont display either of these behaviors. any idea what could be causing them? my husband and i were thinking sexual abuse but we have no proof or a real basis to know for sure. please help.

It is common for young children to enjoy physical contact. As for the food-has there been a time when there was not adequate food? It could be that the younger children were not impacted. Also, it is possible that it is a neurological issue.

Please don't jump to the conclusion of sexual abuse with so little evidence to go on. There can be so many other reasons for her behaviour. Mayamay has some ideas there. I would go with them. Some children enjoy physical contact more than others. She is the oldest of three which means that twice she has had younger siblings appear in her life who need more attention than her. Eating could be a comfort or attention thing. I agree that this needs to be adressed before she becomes overweight, but you need to find out the reason first. Have her parents sought professional advice?