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molluscum contagiosum
02/18/2008 at 12:33 PM

Hi my name is Michelle

I'm just wondering if there are any parents out there who have had to deal with this skin virus in their children.

My daughter has it and I'm so frightened of my son catching it is there any one i can talk to who has gone through this.

I posted asking you for a description, then googled it myself.  No experience with it.  What does the dr say about contagion?


Hi - my son is 3 1/2 yrs old.  He has had this conditiion since August.  He currently has about 60 of them and some are infected.  I took him to the docs and they told me to leave it alone.  Yesterday I purchased Tea Tree Oil.  I read it helps.  Has anyone ever tried this?

My beautiful 4 year old grandson had a horrible breakout on his face and belly. It is supposed to be very contagious, but no one else in our family of five got it. Having a good immune system has a lot to do with how well the body can fight it off. My daughter and I tried a lot of different home remedies because the dermatologist ointment is very severe and burns the skin. We had the best luck with salt water in his bath, (I bought instant ocean and use about 100 grams per bath.) It dried up the pustules and caused most of them to fall off. We also had good results with blue star ointment. I am not sure why, but it seems to shorten the duration of the outbreak. He probably had over 50 bumps when we started and now he has three on his chin and about four on his tummy. A huge improvement. It took about a month for them to dwindle to this level, but the difference is very noticable and the ointment is not at all uncomfortable for him. My daughter was feeling desperate before this, (it just looks so bad), so I think anything you try is worth it. It worked for us, and it can't hurt anything, so good luck to you.

Hey Michelle, just wondering if your daughter still has the son was just diaginosed last month and it is getting worst....Dr says it will go away in probably 6-24 months but I am frightened it will pass on to my other children.

Hey My nephew has had it and my neice never got it, so I wouldn't worry too much. Marti

I searched many sites looking for ideas on ways to prevent the spread of the molluscum on my 6 year old. There is a major outbreak where I live, the worst our doctor has seen, and my son's case was getting worse after at least 6 months of having it, with no end in sight. I looked at many sites, picked up odds and ends of info and decided to try a product with salicylic acid. What we bought is Maximum strength Stridex Daily Use pads. It's a white plastic jar with a red label. Once a day, after a bath or shower, we dab the pad against each molluscum. We started this three weeks ago. Every molluscum has now come to a head and opened up then scabbed over. Most are now just a flat, slightly darker spot where there was once a molluscum. No new molluscum have appeared, which is a relief as he seemed to be getting new ones every day before we started this. It may be complete coincidence and maybe he would have gotten better anyway, but it doesn't seem unreasonable to believe that the same thing that dries out pimples dried these things out. I was a little worried about using an acne medicine on him, but decided that if it was safe enough for a teenagers face, it would probably be safe enough for my 6 year olds chest and arms. Oh, also, we tried to keep the molluscum covered by clothing, even at night, especially the ones that we thought might open up soon. I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but I hope so.

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