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Major Growth Spurt and Weight Gain!
03/01/2010 at 10:40 AM

My son Joshua has always been in the 95% since he was born. He's a big boy, his hands are almost the size of mine and he won't be 8 til early April.
I've always been able to keep up on his sizes in clothes but since early spring last year I have not been able to keep him in clothes, shoes, coats, hats, name it. He now stands at 4 feet 6 inches and weights 79 lbs. With so much growing he has put on some belly fat, which I find a bit odd because through all of this he still eats the same, active in swimming, hockey and playing.
He was never ever a big food kid, loves to drink and still does .... he does have moments when he eats more than others but generally when he's going through a growth...he's bigger than the average 7/8 year old....more 9/10....not heavy at all but this belly fat has me concerned.
He eats very little if any junk ..... any ideas, opinions. Will he grow into this or is this something I should be concerned about, I just don't know where it would have come from....he doesn't even like candy!
Any ideas, suggestion, anybody else have a little boy who this happened to!

Have your pediatrician check your son out at his next visit. Some children put on some "belly fat" before a spurt of growing taller. Are you and/or your husband or other family members tall? My son had friends who were tall when they were younger and then stopped growing in their early teens, that may be the case with your son. If what he is drinking is juice, flavored water, sweetened tea or soda, that could be the culprit.

Thanks for your advice. He does drink juice and flavored waters but I would not say a whole lot. Hes in school all day and he just gets for his lunch and an extra one if he's thirsty. Milk at meals .... none if any junk food, candies none.....popcorn if we go to a hockey game ..... My husband is 6"1' and his brother is 6"4'.....his other brother is 5"11' and they are all stocky men .... not heavy but thick ..... But I did think that too he might be doing most of growing now because I can't keep up with the clothes. It also bothers him a bit even though it is never discussed in the house about his little belly.....Thanks!