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Juvenile Depression
01/04/2008 at 22:45 PM

A month or so ago, I read an interesting article in Reader's Digest magazine about "Juvenile Depression".  While I was reading it, I was like "Yep.  That's my son!"  I could really relate to a lot of what was discussed in that article and how it pertains to one of my kids and his behavior.  I have been thinking so much about this, and realizing more and more that he may have a form of depression.  He is only 7 years old, but he has always been very moody to extremes.  I mean it when I say it is like walking on eggshells dealing with him sometimes.  He is my third out of four, and so I know the difference between regular child mood swings and what I go through with him.  I try very hard not to be a "self-diagnoser" (is that a word?), but I am having strong feelings about this and want to look into it while he is young. 

Does anyone out there know of any good websites, books, etc...addressing the issue of Juvenile Depression?  Anyone care to share experiences with their own children and depression?



I remember being 7 and thinking "If I go a day without crying, I'm going to write it down."  I believe, now, that I had juvenile depression.  From my own experience, I would tell you to take your concerns to your pediatrician RIGHT AWAY.  I missed killing myself by seconds. 

From my daughter's experience, I would tell you to moniter any medications your son receives VERY CAREFULLY.  They didn't have good data about dosage and side effects.  Nevertheless, sometimes medication is part of successful therapy. 

Therapy is not about fixing how you parent.  It is about helping you parent a child with a disorder.  You wouldn't hesitate to learn how to help your child who has diabetes, and depression is just another serious illness.  You wouldn't try to deal with diabetes by reading articles.  Go see if medical (including psychaitric) intervention will help.