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Insensitive Teacher or Too sensitive Mom??
09/25/2007 at 19:24 PM

Hi,I am new in the boards,And I really need an advice..My Husband and I we just relocate bin a new town due to his job..Our daughter started Kindergarten two months ago,And since the school started we notice that her teacher has been,a little bit dry and cold",with us and our girl,they have a discipline system,in which they received a "blue note" with a happy face",if they are been good,and in the contrary,if they dont fallows the rules ,then they get as pink note,with a sad face,and the parent have to sign it and return it the next day..We support 100% the system and its working very well..But lately,there is something else going on that we do not understand..I do confront my daughter and a positive way,And I ask her questions in a positive way,and all that she says is tha her teacher send her ever day to another teache classroon,because she is talking too much..Also we are hispanics (From Puerto Rico USCitizens)..I feel thats te reason of her treatment towards my girl,shes is getting too many pink notes lately,and sometimes its just small things,I do know that she could be very handfull,and we are working on her,any advice please,we just that she is rejecting our daughter,in so many ways..sorry for my spelling,I am going to school,to improve myself..any advice would be appreciated..Thanks..Puerto Rican Lady..


I used to be a teacher, and am now a stay at home mom.  My oldest boy just started preschool.  I am just now realizing how hard it is to be a parent trying to be sure lines of communication are open between me and my son's teacher.  As a teacher, before having children of my own, I didn't realize how difficult it can be for parents to feel comfortable, and sure about the teacher their child is with.  I was suddenly fearful that my child might not in the right environment, and the teacher seemed like a cold fish.  But as time goes on, she is warming up.  I hope the same goes for you.  I recommend you try setting up a time to talk with the teacher about your concerns, and see if there is some way you can help your child feel and be successful at school.  The teacher should be able to help you understand what's been going on.  I hope this helps.  (If the teacher is not cooperative or helpful, then try the school psychologist if there is one or talk to the principal about your concerns, someone at the school should be able to help  you) 


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I would definitely talk to the teacher. If talking is the problem request that your daughter be moved to another desk away from her talking partner. Could she be trying to adjust to the US herself?She may have lots of questions about how things are done here and is trying to find out from her classmates. If problems continue you can request that she be moved to another teachers' class.


Dont worry,We have been living in the USA for more then seven years,and our daughter was born here,and she used to attend Pre-kindergarten for about a year,also she is very well spoken in english,and she really loved her teachers and her preschool,back in the Midwest,when we used to live..She is used to fallow the classroom rutines very smoothly..And I know that she will be okay,in here too..And yes I will have to talk to her teacher about this situations,Thank you all for your advice..P.R. Lady..


I am sure she will adjust.  It is hard for a parent when you get negative feedback from a teacher.  Sometimes kids, especially girls, tend to be a bit too chatty.  You should definitely speak to her teacher.  Also, you should sit down with your daughter and make sure she understands the rules of her classroom.   At my daughter's school, they send home a paper listing the classroom rules.  Good luck!


When my daughter went to Kindergarten she too got in trouble for talking too much. I don't know why the teacher sends her out of the room though. The teacher has so many children that she's probably not trying to be "cold", but I agree that if you speak with her she will make more of an effort to interact with your daughter and communicate with you. I love EMAIL!! My daughter is now in 2nd grade and I have successfully communicated with K,1, and 2 teachers by email regularly about everything from classroom events to specific things with my child. If they have email you should utilize that after speaking with her in person to keep yourself updated on things easily.