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HELP ! I am afraid of gray hair
01/12/2009 at 10:57 AM


happy new year !

i am 25 years old , 2 years ago i found a few gray hair in my head . for 2 years i picked them  but now i feel they are getting more , not many but a few more . i am really upset , afraid and depressed . it is like a nightmare when i think i will have to dye my hair before 30 years old , sometimes i feel if  all of my hair become white in less than 1 year ! . i search and find some causes for this . My parents told me their hair wasnt grey  before 30 but i remember my brother hair was grey in 24 . i dont know if it is genetics or not , i have good nutrition and i dont have much stress also ,just for my exams or any other things like other people. PLEASE help me , any advice...?

every day i wake up i went in front of mirror with fear and every night . i cant study my lessons and i feel really bad

please answer

thank you


Consider seeing a doctor to discuss this fear. Many people dye their hair even if they have no gray hair, including my 24 y/o daughter and most of her friends. Please see a therapist or talk to a good friend to help you work through this fear. Good luck!!!!

I think everyone is their worst critic. Some people are short, some tall, some have gray hair, others bald.... When my husband was in his 20's, he started losing his hair. He was devistated at first. Now he just has a carefree attitude about it. What can you do? If he wanted to, he cld have done something about it, but he chose not to. If your hair is bothering you that much, then dye it. You might just like it, especially if you try a new color. I agree w/ the other poster's comment, though. There may be more to this fear you're having. If you feel this is not just about your image, then maybe you're fearful of getting old? The fact remains you're not old, but if you can't get passed this fear and accept that it's just gray hair, then maybe therapy is the way to go.

I too had my 1st grey hair in my 20's. It is a symptom of Hypothyroidism. Doctors will never tell you that. Conventional doctors will do a blood test and say oh it came back negative etc.. most peoples trouble will not show up in that test. Do you also have any learning disabilities, like; slow reader, bad speller, can you do math is your handwriting, do you know your right from your left etc...have trouble sleeping. I am not a doctor, but I have never missed a diagnosis. good luck