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"growing pains" pre-puberty boys
10/03/2007 at 17:38 PM

I have a seven year old boy who came to me the other day and asked me to make him a doctors appt because  for the last few days "his pee-pee has been getting hard and he's been trying to make it go away but it feels like there is a bone in it". I am certain that he is not starting puberty. However how do i explain to him (seven years old) that this is a stage that boys go through. And that we don't need medical attention

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Welcome to the boards.  I think you need to explain it to him the same way you would explain any bodily function.  Explain that boys bodies do that and that it is normal.  You could also have his dad talk to him about it.


Anyone else have any ideas?






Buy a book about it and read it with him and discuss it. I just did that with my son and he is happy with the info given!