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Does Growth Stop with Onset of Menstruation?
02/21/2010 at 07:19 AM

My daughter had her 1st period last mth at age of 10 yr and 10 mth. She is only 56 inches now. I have read that post menstruation girl grows 2 inches only.

1.What kind of treatment does she need now?

2. What kind of medical specialist is qualified to offer the above treatment?

3. How do I find the qualified specialist in my area?


See your daughter's pediatrician. The 2" is on average. My daughter was 57" at her onset and grew nearly 4" over the next 4 yrs. She had friends who were taller at onset who, some grew more, some less. It is unlikely your daughter would need any medical treatment now. Your pediatrician can give you more complete information.