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Blood pressure monitor (F)
06/24/2009 at 01:46 AM

My husband suffers from high blood pressure, but refuses to see a doctor. I've purchased a home blood pressure monitor
that tracks results for up to three weeks. While I think the home monitor is a great guide, I'm not sure I trust its accuracy. Does anyone know if home blook pressure monitoring kits are considered accurate, and are there any operation tips you can suggest to improve accuracy? Thanks!

If you bought from a reputable company I think you can trust it. Check consumer reports. whole grains, dried beans, leafy greens, bananas, avocados and a (cheap) multivitamin & mineral supplement are always a good idea. avocados also help raise the good cholesterol level if that is a concern.

My friend have had both and found the wrist monitor worked better. If you don't put the band on the arm in the right spot you will not get an accurate reading. Also make sure you get a self inflating one rather than one you have to pump yourself. My friend thinks wrist is better. He uses the Mark of Fitness wrist monitor and have found it to have better readings than the cuff arm band. Readings will always be different than those outside the home (such as doctors office). Factors play into that such as nerves, stress, etc. As long as your readings are normal and close to the doctor's readings you are ok.

My mother has "white coat syndrome" resulting in a very elevated blood pressure in the doctor's office. We have used both types of in home monitors with success. What we have found most helpful for accurate readings are sitting without talking in a comfortable chair at least 2 hours after a meal and an hour or so after a BM. Also, no physical activity or any stress before the reading. I do want to mention that it can be dangerous for your husband not to be under a doctor's care for high blood pressure. My mom sees a doctor but he is willing to use our BP reading logs since her BP is very consistantly much lower at home than the readings in his office.