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asking info about autism
06/09/2009 at 06:02 AM

Hi there, i was wondering what are the symptoms of autism in toddlers or kids?

My 21 months old DD doesn't like to play with other children in the playground, shouts at them, intends to hit them if they try to play with her bucket and/or toys... she never plays with other kids' toys, either... is that normal?
She hides her face with her hands when she sees a stranger and may even cry if a stranger comes into our house (my aunt, whom she had seen only twice before but was too small so can't remember her).
BUT, she plays with her aunt, grandmas, grandpas, me, daddy, uncles and baby-sitter very well. it's just the stranger thing and the jealousy of other kids.

Please advise

From what I know about autism, there are specific signs to look for: child doesn't make eye contact child tends to play alone or seems to be in his own little world child demonstrates inappropriate play child may rock body or hit head child may have a speech problem or be a late talker child may have sensory issues (may not like hair washed or the feel of certain textures such as sand or grass on feet/hands) child may have difficulty w/ loud noises child may get very attached to one person (expl: mom) and/or one toy (expl: trains) child may get jealous of others child often repeats things that are said or heard (expl: a line from a movie) child often has difficulty transitioning in new situations These are just some of the traits of autism. Not every child w/ autism experiences them all, and even children who don't have autism may experience some of these traits. If you notice that your daughter is showing any of these signs, consult her dr. It may just be an age thing. Many kids attach themselves to just mommy or daddy, and they don't feel comfortable w/ other people they're not that familiar w/. Many kids also get jealous. Often they only want things for themselves, and it is our job as parents, to teach our children appropriate social skills. Some kids take longer than others to develop socially, but they learn from being around other children and adults. Continue to expose your daughter to new people and surroundings. This will not only teach your daughter how to better socialize, but it'll also help her feel more comfortable in certain situations. Good luck!

thanks a lot :-)

Toddlers don't start playing with other children until they are 2 -2 1/2 and your daughter is at the age where she is just probably starting to learn this, so I wouldn't jump to the conclusion of Autism yet. She may still be playing parellel to other kids. That is what they do at a younger age. My oldest son is in the Autism Spectrum. One of the biggest things that shows right away is their lack of eye contact. When you talk with her does she look at you? This site has some good articles on Autism. Do some research. Talk to your child's doctor if you still have concerns. Good luck. Only

Kara, your daughter sounds normal enough for her age so I don't think you should worry too much yet. As Only2 says, children of this age are mostly into solitary or parallel play anyway. I work with under 2's and your daughter isn't displaying any behaviour that isn't apparent every day in our group. My son is also ASD [Asperger's] and as someone else said, there are a lot of symptoms which can manifest themselves, but I don't think any child would show all of them, and they would be apparent in differing degrees. Enjoy your daughter while she is still small and take every day as it comes. Have her checked out by all means but I don't think there is too much to worry about at the moment.

Hi, thanks all of you, very much. My DD sooo much likes to make eye contact, that i'm sure i was wrong, lol I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!