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Always something wrong!
04/01/2008 at 14:10 PM

My daughter is 13, and I swear there is always something wrong with her. My back hurts, my head hurts, my knees hurt....every day there's something else. The last couple of months especially. I've thought and thought about everything that could be wrong emotionally....coming up with very little. Doctor can't find anything wrong. Going to a counsellor today, counsellor wouldn't even let me tell her anything that's going on, she said it's up to my the hell is she going to have an idea what's going on? Very frustrated here. Any advice? Anyone else go through the same? I'm assuming she's wanting attention...but nothing I've done helps.

I pressume she have a lot of mood swings to. Looking for attention is a great possibilty but the best is to have her tested at a fascility. Do some research on Central lobe epilepsy. It might sound far fetch but you will be surprise at the facts. Rather do it now and you can rule it out than wait until she saw a couple of councillors who all will have their own verdicts.Hang in there.

Saw the counsellor yesterday, although she and I don't really click, she did get a lot out of my daughter. Turns out my daughter has had thoughts of suicide...and of course if you're stressed out enough and worried about stuff, the stress does manifest itself as physical pain. So we're going from there...not the news I wanted to hear, but at least it's something to work with.

hello there, I have two older girls one 14 and the other 12.... as well as five other sibs. my 12 year old is going through the same thing as you describe here. we are dealing with a counsellor who for the first while thought there was something wrong with me because DD was fine. It took some time, and many tries to find something just for her and I.. but it helped. She too had thoughts of suicide, and had started cutting herself as part of being EMO.... look it up online, it is a scary cult happening with teen girls. She now talks about what is going on with me and her counsellor. I found that I needed to be doing something with her.. not sitting and talking... we watch movies, surf the net all the while talking about nothing and everything... it helped when I told her how I felt as a teen.... avoid eye contact because it feels like you are judging them (that is what my DD said) and do'nt be afraid to be silly too....keep things light. hope you and her get the help you need through this time.

Here is different scenario to think about. My 13 yr old daughter has been having pains of varying intensity for almost a year and a half now. We are currently doing the gammut of doctors and tests. Did the counsellor find out why your daughter has the thoughts of suicide? Is it possible they are because of the pain rather than the other way around? Even though some health professionals do not believe it, young teenage girls can have fibromyalgia and the frustrating part of fibromyalgia is that there is no one test to confirm it you have to rule other things out first. It is a diagnosis of elimination. I have done a lot of internet surfing trying to find answers to my daughters situation. She lives with aches and stiffness every day and on top of that she will have flares of extreme pain that can last anywhere from 1 minute to 30 hours (that is the longest one so far). Any thought of suicide needs to be taken seriously, but to be able to help, you or the counsellor, need to uncover what is making your daughter feel so hopeless. Pain that she does not understand that is unrelenting can make a child feel that type of hopelessness...they feel alone and they feel (sometimes rightly so) that no one believes them. I hope you can find some answers for your daughter. My heart goes out to both of you.

I have alreaddy commented yesterday, but let me explain from a very young age my oldest daughter had always something wrong with her, very emotional mood swings. As this was always the case we took less notice of this. As she grew older the suiside thoughts and later attemps started. We had her at numerous docters ect. One actually put het on prozak and rittelin simutaniously, others said she had a personality disorder, ADD, ADHD ect. At long last after a nother suiside attemp we had her sent to a institution where a team of different doctors worked with her.Then they have discovered that she has central lobe epilepsy. (Epilepsy from the brain that effects the emotional side)She takes her medication daily and is now 25 years old, wonderful mother to a 18 month old baby. For the last 4 years she has been wonderful and no attacks. What make this so difficult is that you do not notice when these attacks manifest.It is really worth to have the test done.

I am new at this, but I have been looking for about 3 years for something to help my now 14 year old daughter. She is now in counseling and on meds for severe depression and aniety. It started out with wide spread pain, being tired all time and weak. She use to be in gymnastics, tumbling and golf, but not anymore. She is not able to do any of the above or anything else. I believe that she may have fibromyalgia, but as you probably know it, it is hard to be dignoised. Have you found help for your daughter. You are the 1st person that i have ran upon that feels the same way I do. If you could help me in any way i would so appreciate it.

Hi samiam, I haven't checked this message board since I posted my comment so I didn't see yours. My daughter is doing better, we are still waiting for a doctor's diagnosis but i have tried something that seem to have helped. How is your daughter? If you would like to talk more post another comment and I will get back to you.