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Almost molested at 12!
03/02/2012 at 23:07 PM

I am 55 but when I was 12, a man about ten years my senior attempted to rape me. He forced me to kiss on the lips. I was so scared I ran out of the building and across the street to home. Never told a soul until I was in my thirties, told my husband and my parents. AFter that I put the memories back in Pandora's box where I got it from. Until last summer. I contacted my brother and told him and he told my brother (for the first time) brother called his police chief friend in that given town and I wrote the chief an email. He got his people on it based on the name and approximate age. Unfortunately, the deed was never done, no sexual act was committed and it was considered to day to be "aggravated assault" (?) Did I aggrevate this lurking potental child rapist to kiss me? Yes I walked away from it...I did tell my therapist about it...dealt with it, but it will still now haunt me for the rest of my life. I am over reacting?

I think you should take some steps that make awareness in the society about child abuse.It will definetly help you to feel better.

i dont think one bit that you caused this or should feel at fault, you were a child he was an adult. that makes him a child were scared thats why you never toled. i would suggest counceling.