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6 What stresses you out? How do you relax?
06/20/2009 at 03:17 AM

What are the things in our lives that stress us out the most? What do we do to deal with those stressors? What are the ways you blow off steam, release stress and relax? I prefer to run.

I do many kinds of arts and crafts - card making, scrapbooking, sewing, cross stitch, making models, computer art etc, etc. I can get lost in creating and it takes care of a lot of stress.

things that stress me out 1.money 2.kids schools 3.in laws ....the way i deal is i made a budget idont always stick to it but when i dont i dont dwell on it or beat myself down ,as for the school i have found if i relax and realize what they tell me they are telling the same to so many others ,in laws well honest i stay away from them they refuse to treat me like i deserve so i dont go around i make my children able to be seen and them be able to spend time with them but as for me i dont i never talk bad about them because this would be bad for the kids and just make me have more stress i have a special way of looking like i am listening but really just not it works great ,i also do cake deco i love it and it calms me

My biggest stress unfortunately comes from my kids and their conditions, then probably other judgemental people. Exercise usually helps the most. I walk with a friend and she listens and gives suggestions, especially if it is something bothering about the kids or I walk on the treadmill with my music. Singing helps too. I also love to knit, make hats with my Knifty Knitter, and I've worked a little with beads and making necklaces. Also I find that crossword puzzles distract me as well. I also enjoy picking flowers and making hanging baskets. I also like to yard sale and swim... although I get very very little time to swim. The warm pool at the Y is really relaxing to me.

I can relate to your stress, Only. I feel the same. I also get stressed when I'm running late, which is quite often. It always helps me to stay organized and plan ahead. This way I don't feel so overwhelmed at the last minute. As for my kids, I try to nip things in the bud instead of let myself get to the pt of aggrevation. When it comes to my son's condition, I try to focus on his strengths to build his self confidence. When he feels good about himself, I feel good. As for mean spirited people, I try to avoid them. I found volunteering info to get people to better understand doesn't work. It only creates gossip. I associate w/ those people who are kind hearted, and do my best to not let others get me down. I also started getting into natural remedies to help reduce stress.

Work is pretty stressful sometimes my way of dealing with it is going to the gym or going for a run that way i stay healthy but it really does make me feel better

money, work, and balancing everything life throws at us

Relationship problems are more stressful for me.I listen music to relax.

Everyone is an individual so different things stress out different people. Make notes of what seems to stress you out more and then try trial and error methods on what things seem to help take away the stress the most. Better yet, try to see the stress coming and experiment with ways to nip it in the bud before it starts. Try to learn and be a more tranquil individual. Remember most stress problems are over little things that really mean nothing and your stress usually hurts your family as well as yourself. Ask yourself when you start getting stressed out - Is this really worth getting stressed? - and take some deep breaths. --- I was troubled because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet---