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14 year old with puberty problems
10/24/2008 at 14:49 PM

OK. I am 14 years old and i am in the 9th grade. I have been going through puberty since I was 9 and I have yet to have pre ejaculatory fluid. I have hair all over my chest and legs and in all places that you can get it, and I dont have any trouble ejaculating normally.... But I have yet to have pre ejaculatory fluid... It had been stressing me out for quite some time now and I just kept saying that I will get it eventually, but I still havent. I really think that something is wrong because it is supposed to be there to clean and a bunch of other stuff, but still none. I don't know what to do. Please help.

Talk to your doctor. Lots of doctors respond to e-mails if you don't want to get an appointment, but your doctor may want to do an exam or order lab work. I am not familiar with your particular problem but if it is stressing you out, get real info from your own doctor, who knows more about you and about reproductive health than most of the people who respond to message boards.

You may be getting it, and just dont know. The amount of pre ejaculatory fluid varies greatly. Some men only secrete a few drops which may not be enough to see any discharge, but it may still be present. The secretions are not made to clean, instead they are secreted to balance the pH levels in the urethra caused by urine. Do not allow this to stress you out. As a father I have to add this. First of all youre too young to be sexually active. Although I understand you may not actually be having sex. Secondly, If you are having sex, make sure you and your partner are protecting each other. Thirdly, if cleaning your urethra is what concerns you, make you you are urinating after any sexual activity. This will clean the urethra, and help to prevent any urinary tract infections.