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14 year old with sleep problems
02/11/2008 at 01:25 AM

I'm 14, I can never get to sleep before 12:30am. Often I'm up til 2-3 in the morning. The problem is that when I have to get up at 6:30 later that morning, I'm to tired to wake up. The only days that I can get to sleep before 12:30 are days that I have worked. I work as deckhand on a sportsfishing boat so I use up a ton of energy, especialy when the weather is rough. Doesn't help that I get seasick. Unfortunatly the boat I work on only runs from late spring to just after school starts, but I digress. I have tried getting more exercise during the school year. I've done the hour long runs and swims, I've tried the weights at the Y. I am just the Energizer Bunny in human form. At school I'll run pacers for half hour, be about to drop so I get some water and five minutes I'm running full out again. We do pacers every wednesday (that is our short day at school) then I walk the 3 1/2 miles home, grab some lunch do homework. Then if there is light left I'll go kayak until dark. I have dinner, go to bed at ten, and lay there for a few hours. Then the next morning I cant get up because I'm tired, but that night I'll be laying there for several hours again. The strange thing is that I can get up when I go to work even if i've been laying there til 2, and to get to work on time I have to get up at 4am. On the weekends I'll wake up on my own between 8 and 9 in the morning. Also I've tried taking benedryl, it doesn't do a thingfor me. If anyone has a suggestion please give it. My mom is keeping track and every day that I'm late she marks it down on the calender and that pushes the day that I can get my drivers license back by a day. I'm already at 3 weeks and shes been doing that for less than 4 weeks.