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Unsure Of Where To Start??
12/27/2007 at 15:56 PM

 Hello I am a mother of two boys ages 3 and 5, just this Christmas I purchased a Spiderman Laptop Computer made by Lexibook, Marvel Trademark. The box clearly states that the product is rated ages 5+. When I was playing it with my 5 year old son in Mission Mode eveytime u answered a question wrong and lost the mission a womans torso appeared she presses her breats together and then a hand comes and grabs the breast. I was shocked they would have such a thing on a product aimed for children if anyone could maybe give me a idea of what I could do about this as I am not sure but would really love to do something, I have already snet a email to the company lexibook however have yet to recieved a response Please any help would be greatly appreciated

  What options do you have? If you do not want your son to see this then take the toy back.


It is the holidays and everybody is taking the end-of year leave, but if you don't have a response from them by next Friday, send them a snail mail demanding that they fix the problem.  (Don't threaten, just tell them what you want done.)