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toy recalls
08/22/2007 at 18:53 PM

Hey All
The recent toy recalls are huge and scary for the parents of young children.
Here is some information on the recalls that I thought everyone might find helpful.  Also, please discuss how you feel about the recalls here!
Child Safety and Product Recalls -

Hey Everyone—

I have important news to share. Mattel is recalling millions of toys made in China and recently announced they are expanding the recall for the fifth time to include Barbie accessories.

We are working with a law firm that is very concerned with the slow speed at which Mattel is moving on these recalls and is investigating ways to make the process faster and more complete. If you or someone you know owns any of the toys, we would love to hear from you and your experiences in learning about the recall. Send an e-mail explaining your experiences to or check out the Web site on this issue:


I heard that Aqua Dots were being recalled because a couple of people died from accidently eating them. A 3yr old was in a coma for 3 hours.