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Toddler DVD ideas
02/15/2009 at 02:02 AM


We don't let our toddler watch much TV but when we do, we like it to be at least somewhat educational. He loves the Wiggles and the Leapfrog Letter Factory.

I know there are tons of DVDs out there now, any recommendations or favorites that you think are also very educational? Thanks.

My little boys loves, loves, loves the Little Einsteins. He has learned so much, especially about music, from the show. He also likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Go, Diego, Go.

Hi, A friend of mine just let me listen to her new favorite CD - Lil' Rock Starz. The songs are all current and classic rock hits, but cleaned up for kids (no profanity or obvious references to inappropriate things, etc.). The songs are sung entirely by kids, and her toddlers seemed to really enjoy the upbeat music and cute kids' voices on their drive home from pre-school. It made for a really fun drive! I hope this helps...

Friends of mine really like Yo Gabba Gabba and WordWorld...

I know of other mothers who have Little Einstein and their kids love it. Don't forget even Sesame Street is great.

My kids used to love Blue's Clues. We have a set that includes shapes and colors, #s and letters, going to school, music, and bedtime. They learned a lot.

Hi I also did not let my children watch TV when they were toddlers. I did however let them watch some educational videos. My FAVORITE ones are Signing Times. They are fantastic! They learned vocabulary, sign language, and actually were able to recognize words sooner than I expected. They are available at local libraries or go to They taught me sign too. :-) We also got the CD's to sing and sign the songs from the video's at home. Hope you enjoy them!

hello friends, is one company which provides Maths learning DVDs for kids with that they teach children some basic maths like addition, subtraction, times tables etc. it is really helpful for kids specially for toddlers so try to use it