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Is Pokemon too violent for children?
11/29/2007 at 13:20 PM

My brothers(11&10) play Pokemon games. I heard that Pokemon games were for people who worship the devil. I don't think this is true but does anyone think these games are too violent. They have psychic powers in the game and I think this is why they are saying this. Does anyine else think this.


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It's been a long time since my son used to play the early Gameboy versions.  I thought it was a very clever, fun game.  My boy was only 4-5 years old then, before he started kindergarten, I recall. 


It actually helped him learn about numbers (every Pokemon monster had a number, and evolved a certain levels that were numbered).  There are different types of Pokemon (water, psychic, grass, etc) that have different skills, so there is strategy involved in knowing which Pokemon is best to battle another type of Pokemon. 


I had to learn the game to help him play it back then, and I thought it a great game.  I didn't see it as violent.  The Pokemon "faint" if defeated in battle, then recover.  I recall watching the cartoon on TV, and taking good care of the Pokemon as a trainer was stressed.


Hey, I kinda miss the game now!  Now, where are those old Pokemon Red and Blue...LOL! :o)


My problem with Pokemon is that the system uses every principal of psychology to manipulate children.  I don't mind the artwork, it's just kitschy and commercial, kind of like Strawberry shortcake for boys.  The collecting/trading is what gets me.  It has an erratic reward schedule for buying cards.  And kids spend a lot of time and effort learning about this made-up, irrelevant world, instead of learning about real stuff.  The movies/TV shows, no better or worse than most of the junk out there.


I agree with pokey. My son loved Pokemon when he was younger and it helped him a lot to sharpen his memory, reading skills, math etc. I don't think they are too violent and as for people worshipping the devil........where on earth did you hear that. What a load of rubbish. 


We all can have a different idea about Pokeman, but from what I've seen, its not to violent.  My 9 year old plays it in her free time most days, which is a 1/2 hour.  Its like any game, watch what your children are doing, don't just give them something and walk away. The only violence we have ever had, is in the store when she wants to buy more cards and shes already spent her allowence on something else....LOL


I heard it in an interview that was on tv. Not sure who it was though. I think it was like some priest from Mexico.


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Hi All
My son Zachary collects the cards. His friends and him sit for hours and look and trade them. I don't think they "play" because when I ask them about it they make up some rules that make no sense and are not violent. Basically all of the cards are friends.

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