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Michael Jackson
06/25/2009 at 22:06 PM

Hi All

Just thought I would make this post to talk about the death of Michael Jackson.

There are not very many performers that cross generational lines the way that he did--my 16 year old daughter called me from work to tell me he had died.

As strange as Michael Jackson had become and all the legal problems he had aside. He was a truly talented artist. The innovations that he made in music and dance will be remembered for years to come.

I have to say that I am sad, so many of my memories from childhood and my teenage years have a Michael Jackson song attached to them. Watching the Jackson Five on television. My first slow dance in Junior High School to "She's out of my life" Dancing at school dances to lots of Michael Jackson songs. My brother playing the Thriller album for hours at our house.

This is a sad week for losing people from my growing up years---Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and now Michael Jackson.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, please share them here.

Yesterday was just one crazy day. Never expected to have two celeb deaths in one day...as a matter of fact...within a few hours apart.

Remembering the old adage 'don't talk ill of the dead' [even so-called celebs] I will forego my true comments.

Yes, I was very surprised when I turned on the radio and heard MJ, FF, and EM had all died. Like they say, everything happens in 3s. I really feel for FF's family. My mom died of cancer several yrs ago after a long hard battle, so I know what they're going through. I'll always remember EM as the host of Star Search and especially as the well-known sidekick to Johnny Carson on the Late Show. His jolly Santa-like laugh will live on in my memory. As for MJ, I can't say I was really ever a fan of his, although I do like his Thriller video. Like many others, I thought MJ was very strange, and his music isn't really my style. I also can't forget the possibility that this man was a child mollester. W/ all that said, I do respect MJ for all his accomplishments, despite his downfalls. I personally think, though, that standing on lines to get a glimpse of MJ's history or going out to buy his albums just to remember him is unnecessary. I believe real fans of MJ wld have all this memorabilia already, and now that their "icon" has died, it's the thing to do. Any death is sad, but when it's someone like MJ, it becomes a huge deal.

The loss to the entertainment industry with the death of MJ cannot be filled by any other celeb. I am also die hard fan of him and ver sad as well with this news. Can't do anything, just pray that God bless his soul..

I am a die hard fan of him. He is truly an amazing celebrity.!

I love o so much because his dance brelliantHe is truly an amazing celebrity.!