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Endometriosis And Pregnancy
12/22/2012 at 11:17 AM

Well this pregnancy was very much undetected until a hospital procedure threw up a surprise positive which meant my doctor didn't want to go ahead with the colonoscopy (too risky for what was likely the first trimester). A panicked trip to gynae ER got a scan and a well formed and active little bub was shown to be well.
I was on the pill and had taken various nasty meds but luckily baby seems fine and we felt baby swimming about from side to side last night.
Has anybody got endometriosis or experienced pregnancy with this condition? I was due surgery next May which I will postpone due to my safely reaching second trimester.
I had a lot of pain which went beyond the aches (in location and severity) of stretching ligaments - I suspect the adhesions causing me to need surgery are being obliterated by moving organs now. Would be great to connect with someone experiencing this disease as a mother or mum to be.