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Just a fun idea for some fun family time
07/16/2012 at 03:25 AM

Sometimes it's hard to get the time in with the family. Kids are restless and adults get bored. So I came up with an idea that has gotten my family together with no complaints. My husband bought a cool little projector that looks awesome! What I do is set up family movie night and we will play home videos and family slide shows off of my tablet. The projector works great on my living room wall. The kids love it and it really gives us great time together. The projector is so easy to work that kids sometime s use it for their video games. It's called the aaxa P3 pico projector you can find it Amazon by the name. I hope this helps some families sit together for a few hours.

This is a really great family activity! Getting the whole family together, watching these home videos and talking about all the good times you had together! It is with events like these that you make a whole bunch of new memories!! Making snacks for the event and just plain having fun! Great idea, thanks!