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04/10/2012 at 15:06 PM

Hi, I'm a developer and parent in NYC, and I made an award-winning game called CreaVures for the family. The game is inspired by our love for the wonders of nature and strives to foster imagination through cute characters journeying through a magical forest. The story is about friendship, teamwork, and discovery. I made this game to give players an alternative to the fast paced violence and something more involved and atmospheric than the usual puzzle games. I just launched our game on the app store (iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC via Steam) and we are doing some grass roots marketing efforts to help promote it to families, parents, gamers, children, pretty much anyone who will listen. I’d love for you to take a look at it. If you have any questions for me or my team, we’re human, not spam machines. We will reply! If someone takes a look at it, decides to spend the dollar, and wants to give feedback we’d love to hear from you either here or directly! Especially if you ever wondered “Who are those weird people who make all these apps?”

Well that’s about all, we really hope this game can be a success and help bring families together – or at least have you fight over who gets to play next.

Howard Tsao, Muse Games

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