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Hannah Montana fans
09/25/2007 at 21:29 PM

My daughter is a huge fan.  Tickets just went on sale for a show that is close to us.  My question, when I tried to buy, it is asking for a fan club code.  I was wondering if anyone knows this or how do I get it?  We don't usually take our kids to concerts but this would be a great suprise for X-mas for her.  TIA for your help!  :)  Denise

Denise, I also was going to purchase tickets for my daughter, they were sold out in 1 minute. Anyway, Miley Cyrus.com is where you join her fan club. If you join for $30.00 ? you get first dibs on tickets before they are sold to the general public. Don't forget about ebay...Hope this helps..Tickets for Minneapolis are on average $150.00 per ticket. (a broker must have bought all the tickets) I think it is worth joining her fan club...


I was a lucky one and got tickets for this concert locally....the concert is now sold out and I am just looking to see what is out there and I have seen as high as $2000 a ticket...be sure if you do purchase tickets they are real...I understand many of them are not.  Good luck


I'm not a big person on how these things work, all I know is when I purchased tickets for my dauther, I just paid.


What is a good age to bring my 6 year old to a Hannah Montana concert?

Why don't you look at some Miley Cyrus videos on youtube and see if this is what you want your six year old to think is cool. Personally, I'd wait. Till she can buy her own tickets with the money she earned and drive her own car (which she bought with the money she earned) to the concert. Disney isn't even marketing Miley to 6 year-olds right now.

Miley Cyrus is a teenager amd her music has teenaged themes. Take a listen to the lyrics. Consider taking your six y/o to a Disney Princess or similar age appropriate show. She will only be little once. Don't help her grow up too fast. My daughter at 12 loved the Spice Girls. We went to two shows, one when she was turning 14 and one when she had just turned 15. She babysat to earn the money for both shows and for the gas to get there. She recently told me she did not know what I was thinking to take her at that age! At the time I was just glad she was not into Marilyn Manson as were many of her peers but thankfully not her friends.

my daughter is almost 10 she thinks in her own words "eeww mom no one really likes her anymore" some of the kids still like her but she is real fast to tell them why she does not .as for most of her friends she has 2 that still like her and the rest do not ,if you would have asked my daughter when she was 8 if she liked her she would have said YES she owned shirts ,her games ,movies.wig,books,toys and things for her room as well as the jonas brothers. but now she gave away for free all the shirts ,books,things for her room,movies,wig,toys,and video games to my friends daughter who is 5 yrs .all that money i spent gone and not one thing to show for it so i would be careful buying into the fade superstar now .children change who they like at a drop then you are out so much money ,at the first of this school year my daughter wanted the TAYLOR SWIFT things (i said no listen to her on the radio) .now we are at the end of the school year and she likes NOAH he isnt a superstar he is the boy who is in her homeroom !! so be careful like i said they change so fast .we also did the concert paid all that money and if you ask my daughter now she just makes a face tells me OH i hated that concert for some reason all the screaming she did at it i thought she loved it (i was also told i was the best for taking her )i must have been wrong because the latest news flash it was sooo boring ,why did i drag her to it ,and how i should have just bought her a new TV with that money because i was suposed to be a physic and know she would end up changing about it all ,and should have known my darling daughter would need a new TV !!!(my daughter even refused to go to the new movie )because once again Oh mom dont you know no older girl likes her )stupid me i didnt realize 9 and a half was older

I am not that great fan of her. But again no offenses also..

I am a die hard fan of her.. She looks always stunning..!

Hannah montana is also mine favorite actree and singer. I love her brilliant comedy musical drama show. She do great job with her double roll. My bro. love her too and like to enjoy her show.

I am always super excited to watch anything of Hanna Montana.She is truly an amazing celebrity..!!

She do great job with her double roll. My bro. love her too and like to enjoy her show.