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Gift cards this Christmas
12/11/2007 at 19:43 PM

Are you a gift card giver?

Well, it all depends... my son is avidly into fishing, and I do not always know what speciallized things he wants. He likes all types of fishing... salmon fishing, fly fishing, sturgeon, downrigging... list goes on and on... so one of his gifts this year will be a gift certificate for fishing gear. Otherwise, I am not much of a gift certificate gal... I think overall they are kind of impersonal... unless it is for clothing or something where it is easier for the recipient to use a gift card rather than return things that do not fit if you do not know their sizes and/or taste.


Hey Synergy,


Sometimes I give them but I don't love to give them.  I do enjoy getting gift cards from some people but there is something extra special about someone picking something for you and then when you look at that item you think back to the memory of receiving it and think of the person who gave it---a gift card just doesn't do that.




I only give movie gift certificates


I don't really give gift cards because I like to buy something for that person. It's not really fun on Christmas or whenever to go and buy the present yourself.

With Love,RamBaby


I know I was shopping at a market and noticed a huge display of different gift cards.  I know Safeway has over 250 to choose from.  I think gift cards are good for those picky friends who don't know what they want or for coworkers during a Christmas party or something.


You make a point there Synergy. I personally haven't bought gift cards before but people have bought them for me. They are good for colleauges or just people you don't really know.


I have a gift exchange to attend on Friday.  I thought it would be gift for children like a charity thing.  Looked at the flyer more carefully and realized the gifts will be for coworkers.  I don't know what they like personally so I'll get a gift card and throw it in the pile.  We will pick a number and get the gift that corresponds with that number.


I love gift cards. I think they are the perfect thing for people you dont know well or for people who are picky. Also some people just seem to have everything already. When I give a gift card I still spend time deciding what kind of card to get them. I dont just pick any random place. I want to make sure it is for a store or item they will enjoy.I think its a better bet for me to get them a card for the homemade wool sweater store that they always want to go into rather than picking a sweater for them from the store when they might like a different one better. As for myself, my friends and family know what i like bu tthey dont really know. I mean they know i like  to read but they dont know or bother asking what so i end up with books i am never even gonna open. To me that means they havent taken the time to choose something for me whereas if they had given me a giftcard for a bookstore i would be so muh happier. I think sometimes people are thinking of you more than you think when you get a gift card and yes sometimes it is just the easy way out.


I agree with you LMcAbee.  I do find myself spending time on getting the right gift card.  Why pick a gift card you know the person won't use.  That would be a waste of money on your part.  It's good to know what store they like but not sure on what item they would pick up.  That is what a gift card is for.


Not a gift card giver here.  I think it shows you *almost* thought and cared enough about a person to get what they want but not quite.  I'd rather give a gift a person had to take back than give them a card.  It is impersonal in my opinion.