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Desperate for my Children
09/06/2011 at 14:53 PM

A bit over 4 years ago, my wife at the time abducted my daughter and step son to Australia. after nearly 2 years the Hague Convention Court ruled in my favor and ordered my children to be returned to the USA (Colorado). Upon their return, we attended the family Court for a ruling on Parental Responsibilities. The Judge heard evidence about the abduction, emails stating that unless I paid my (now ex wife) a sum of $7,000 and buy her a new car, I would never see my children again. The Judge also was given a report in whick my ex wife threatened to kill herself and both of my children if she were made to return. In the end, the Judge ruled that it was in the children's "Best Interests" to remain with their mother and return to Australia since, she had been the primary caregiver of the children for the previous 2 years.

It's been a little over 2 years now and my ex has not allowed me any contact with either child. She is doing everything in her power to completely alienate my children and I. We've been to Court 4 times on Contempt hearings in which she has failed to appear. I am now about to go be to Court in the middle of October to see if I can get custody changed. However, I have exhausted all of my finances up to this point and need help. A few months ago an article was written about my situation that you may find interesting. It's at

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. This can be done at:

Thanks in Advance!