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Favorite Educational Apps for Kids
05/07/2014 at 13:13 PM

Tell us about your favorite educational apps for your child!

You can find educational app suggestions on FamilyEducation.com by searching for "Free Educational Apps for Kids" (free apps) and "Best Educational Apps for Kids" (paid apps). We're thrilled to announce the release of our app called Kindergarten Readiness (available now on iTunes), which is a great app for parents who are preparing their preschooler for kindergarten. The Kindergarten Readiness app includes an interactive checklist for parents to keep track of the key kindergarten-readiness skills their child has mastered (or still needs to master), as well as five fun games that help teach preschoolers some early math and literacy skills. Check it out!

Thank you for sharing your app suggestions with us! Please stay on topic with high quality, educational, kid-friendly apps. Thanks!

FE Editor

The education apps are not much helpful for the kids as they make them addicted to a gadget. I have enrolled my kids with Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas to attend educational programs. They are really enjoying the learning process there.

As a preschool teacher and a mum to a 3 yo I have come across a pretty good resourceful site that not only has several learning game apps, but many worksheets and activities and best thing for me is it is free to use. You can check out their range at - Jumpstart.com. I would any day recommend this one for help with homeworks for kids below 5th grade.

We've just discovered this great new app for our kids who are 2 and 4 years old - Heidi Alpine Adventure. There's loads of different games and no in-app purchases. The app is very educational as it helps them to develop skills like counting and memory. We have a long flight ahead of us for our holiday and got this app to keep them occupied. You can check it out on iTunes and Google Play.

Heidi Alpine Adventure is very neat and engaging. Have you ever used digital coloring books w/your kids? There is a huge collection of those online. We've been "playing" Cat Coloring Pages for a week now and it is not only occupying their attention, but also having them learn about coloring.

Hello guys check out this new toy called Wiggy! It helps your kids save money by earning rewards and points from parents! its easy, fun and best of all good for education! Check it out!

For a reading app I have designed an interactive story book which has no in-app purchases, no adverts and requires no phone/pad permissions. Check out Dug the Pug - Interactive Story on iTunes and Google Play. Any support would be greatly appreciated and feedback on the app's content.