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Family Game Night For A Large Family
02/03/2011 at 13:24 PM

My son and his family have moved in with us. It's a bit cramped, and we're trying to make the best of it. One thing we'd like to do is have a family game night where we all join in for fun and merriment.

The problem is there is eight of us in total. Four adults and four kids (ages 12, 10, 6 and 2). Our first attempt was a disaster. We tried "Family Game Night" on the Wii, but only four can play at a time. While four are playing, the others aren't really joined in and pretty much are doing their own thing. When time comes to change players, some of the kids want to keep playing, others are in the middle of whatever they were doing and we have to wait for them. In short, Wii is fun, but it's not quite right fr a "Family Game Night" with such a large family.

What I would like is a selection of games that is fun, spans a range of ages, and can be played by seven or eight people at the same time (the two year-old doesn't have to play just yet).

Charades comes to mind, if I can figure out how to make it easy enough for the six year-old but interesting enough for the adults.

Any other ideas y'all can help me with?


This site has ideas for family game night.

Yes, which is what lead me to the site. However, there is nothing specific about games for large families, which is what prompted the posting.

Card games, like fish and war and crazy 8s, would work for all but the 2 y.o, and the 2 y.o could 'help' A bonus, kids who play these games often using face cards tend to do better in math. Simon says, Mother May I, Red Rover and Red light--green light will be fun for the kids, and if the grown-ups get into the spirit of it, they could have fun, too. You need more space for Red rover. Untying the knot is fun. Have all 8 people kneel shoulder to shoulder, close their eyes, and reach to the center and grab hands. Then open your eyes and try to form a circle by stepping over and crawling under each other (one person moving at a time) without letting go of hands. Part of the fun is finding out that sometimes it is impossible. Paper airplane contest might be fun. If you've got some underfilled storage spaces in your home, hide and seek is really fun, but if you've got 8 people living there, I bet all your storage is crammed full. :D