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Do you stop the play fights between the children?
12/25/2007 at 15:23 PM

I'm sorry for the bad english, my mother thong is not the english language,

My son (8 age) have a good friend who live near us, and he comes almost every day to play with my son.

They have lots of toys and games to play with, but almost always finely
they begin with the play fights, what would you do if you see your son
lay flat on the floor and his friend who is stronger then him sit on
him untill he gives up?

Of course i hate to see them fight, even
it's just a play fight. I want to stop it but i continent, i don't know
if that is the right thing to do. And maybe i have to let them fight?

My son too don't want me to stop the game, he told me that he like to fight.

What do you think about that?

today i understand why i want just daughters, but right now i have just two sons :-)


Let them play. They are not fighting. My two boys do this all the time. They get bumps and bruises, and sometimes a few tears are shed. This is done in a controlled environment. It is never an if, but rather when will your child need to fight to protect himself. Kids who are unfamiliar with being bumped or hit will not fare too well in a fight. The shock of being hit for the first time is enough to stop most in their tracks, and then become a punching bag for another kid. Let your boys be boys. It is obvious they are not doing this because you have taught it to them, this comes naturally. My kids are two years younger than their male cousin. This kid is not allowed to wrestle, or demonstrate any form of “violence”. He cannot be bumped, or even pushed without falling down and crying. No matter the ideal world some dream of living in where there is no violence the fact is we live in a violent and competitive world. Those who do not allow there kids to experience these things will be doing their kids no favors. This is healthy and should not be stopped.


I agree whole heartedly with singledad. They need this experience to learn to protect themselves. The only time I would stop play fights is if it looks like getting serious and a child may be hurt. We teach our children to problem solve and negotiate but sometimes, that doesn't work and they need to take stronger action. Children who are not allowed to play fight often end up as victims of older or stronger children.


I understand this may be natural but if harsh words go along with the play fighting it could turn bad so make sure you know whats going on without stopping their fun.