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06/05/2007 at 18:33 PM

I just wanted to welcome everyone to our new and improved boards.  I think that everyone will love the new updated boards, they are so easy to navigate and to read. 
I am Marti and I will be here to help you with any questions you might have and to enjoy the boards with you!  Please let me know any suggestions or feedback you might have.  If there are any great boards we should add, I would love to hear what you think.
Again, welcome and I look forward to getting to know everyone soon.

I would enjoy a Stay-at-home parent board. I know it is nice to get ideas from others Mothers or Dads who every it is that stays home with there children.


hi marti, thnx for the welcome, it's nice to meet ya.

i'm a newbie, but i'm sure i'll find my way round.

take care


Hi Raeann


I will pass along your idea for a stay at home parents board.  In the meantime, you can post on whatever board including the general board to talk to other stay at home parents about support and issues.


Welcome to the boards, look all around, I hope to see you on lots of the boards!






Hey countrymum,


Welcome to the boards, just go around and check all the boards out, I hope to see you on lots of boards!






I am so concerned about the relationship between my two children.  My daughter is babysitting for a few hours while my husband and I work.  My son doesn't respond to her attempts to play with him or to interact in a productive manner.  She tries so hard to be gentle and loving but he rejects her every move.  She thinks that he doesn't love her.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help me develop their relationship into something more positive? 


Hey 4ever


Does your son interact with everyone else well?  Also, how old is your daughter and how old is your son?  Could it just be a stage your son is going through.


Sibling relationships can be hard.  I would talk to him about it and see what he has to say about why he reacts to his sister this way.  If it continues to be a concern you may want to talk to his doctor about it and see what advice he/her has about it.


Keep us posted






Hi Marti,

I have no where else left to turn, I'm new here, and I already posted this problem but I must have not done it right becuase I haven't gotten any responses...Anyway I have the hardest time getting my daughter to take a bath and to wash her hair (she's 5). I've tried everything from threats (no watching TV and taking her toys away) to rewards (taking her to the park or to MacDonalds) but nothing works anymore, I eventually get her in the bathtub but it's a nightmare washing her hair, I even had her PreSchool Teachers talk to her but nothing is working. I was able to give her a bath and wash her hair about 3 days ago and it was wonderfull she didn't cry or scream or complain so I thought wonderfull now that she has seen that there's nothing to be scared about I won't have any problems anymore but today I told her again that it was bath day and she started crying saying she doesn't want to take a bath. Help! I don't know what happened to make so afraid of baths nothing that I can think of....Anyways I have nowhere else to turn.




Hey Elena


I have responded to you in a couple of places, hopefully you will see some of them.


I think it is very common for kids to be scared of baths, water, washing their hair.  I think watching the water go down the drain and sometimes the noise it makes can make them have fears.


Have you tried taking a bath with her?  Maybe if you both get in the tub and she sees you wash your hair she will be less scared---or maybe a shower would be less scary.  My 5 year old nephew loves taking showers and never liked baths all that much--if you take a shower with her the first time maybe?  Another thing you could try is talking to her about it when you are not in the bath trying to get her to explain her fear---tell her she has to wash her hair and try to get her to tell you how you could do it without her being scared.






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Hey Marti,

thanx for the welcome i'm glad I found your site.

I have a question my 12 year old daughter is asking to go to the movies
with some friends , the problem is  they want to be dropped off
and picked up after the movies, I'm just not sure if she is old enough
for that yet or if just being overprotective( probably the last one) I
really need some help on this



       I have run across kids who had a fear of washing hair and/or bathing when I have babysit. It is usually the hairwashing that is causing all the problems. I have helped many kids work through their fear using alot of patience and alot of fun. Whether a child has actually expeienced  getting soap in their eyes and water in their faces doesn't matter. If they think soap will go in their faces, or they will go under water it will freak them out. It certainly freaked me out as a little kid! The fact is many parents are using cups  to pour water over their childs face when they rinse hair.  Some parents are making the child lay under the running water and it is really scary to a young child.  It really makes sense. If a hairstylist got shampoo in their clients eyes and  sprayed water in her clients face I doubt they would ever have that client return.                                 To calm a child who is scared  I start by talking about washing hair and bathing earlier in the evening (or day) I let the child tell me what scares him and then assure him I will not do those things. I tell them about my methods which involve a wet washcloth or puppet to wet their hair and coyote calls or something like it to keep them looking up. Also I tell them about the animal ears I make with soap and ask them what kind they want. I let them know I don't like soap in my eyes or water dumped on my head either and that I understand how they feel. When it is time for bathing and washing hair they are excited because I have got them thinking about the fun we are going to have. I am ready at any time though to assure them and explain so they will not feel scared. I go slow and show them I am trustworthy and will not hurt them. After one time the kids trust me and  often ask me to come back and give them a bath and make ears again. Take a few days off from bathing and use the time to pick out some bath puppets and other new fun toys. Practice your soap ear skills on your hair when you take a shower and make sure you take your time. Any extra time you spend calming your child and making shampooing fun will be made up  by not having to struggle with your child every bath and it is easier from then on. I have shared this with many parents and it has always worked. It is a matter of changing the routine and addressing your childs fears. Let me know how it goes.



Hi Elena,
I was wondering how hairwashing is going with your daughter now. Hope things are going well but I have suggestions if it's not. I have helped several parents with hairwashing problems. I freaked over it as a kid so it has given me a sensitivity to understanding children with the fear. Please let me know how it's goin'