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Travel with a new born
08/04/2007 at 16:34 PM

Is it realistic to think I can travel oversea's with a two month old and actually be sane?  Just found out I am pregnant with our first baby and I have a wedding oversea's two months after the due date.  My hubby says "no way" and I say "why not" Yikes!  What do you think?

I say yes definitely! Espcially if there will be two of you going. I traveled to the UK BY MYSELF and back from Alaska (14 hours in total on a plane) with a 2 month old. It was fine and I even got to sleep some! When you book the plane ticket mention you will be bringing an infant with you and request a bassinet. I am not sure if all airlines have them, but we traveled Northwest and our seats were in the bulk head and the bassinet came down in front of us. This was on the trans-atlantic flight only. That REALLY helped. Some other suggestions:

- If you have a boppy (the semi-circular cushion most often used for nursing) take it - that way the baby can sleep on that and you have your hands free

- I breast-fed my baby everytime she squeaked. It kept her quiet! If you plan to bottle feed take lots of bottles with you and do the same thing, especially on take off and landing as it helps to clear their ears

- Baby tylenol is great. Keep the baby well dosed up while you're travelling - keeps them calm

- If you don't already plan on getting a sling and/or baby bjorn type carrier get one. That way if the baby gets fussy you can walk up and down the plane with them and not lose all feeling in the arm you are holding them with. Also you can use the toilet at the same time as having them in the sling (kind of tricky but it works!). My favourite type of carrier is one made by . I have 2 and love them. My baby is now 8 months and I still use it.

So don't stress out, it will be fine! The more relaxed you are about it the more relaxed they will be. I am going back to the UK this December and my daughter will be 13 months old. I imagine this will be a lot more work than when she was 2 months old! Let me know if you have any other questions. I go back to the UK every year so will be a pro at travelling with children soon!


Brit_import.  Thank you for some great advice. Those baby slings are adorable and I do plan to breast feed.  Good luck on your next trip oversea's.  sky.


It can be safe to travel during pregnancy but you need to do some planning and take the precautions during this time. You need to consult you doctor or midwife regarding traveling and ask your doctor that is there are any medical concerns you should be aware of or tests you need to work around. you need to schedule yourself for any parental test.