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Son watched Spiderman now he's Scared to death
06/27/2007 at 10:14 AM

Yes that's right, my hubby took our son to watch the movie Spiderman about 6 weeks ago and ever since then he is scared to death of anything Spideman and Venom. He breaks out into a cold sweat and cries when he sees either of them in the stoes on posters or on anything. He won't sleep in his room because he "doesn't like the dark now", The tree by his bedroom window "looks like venom", He refuses to go to any stores now cause he's afraid Spiderman/Venom will "get him", he won't even wear his shits that have Spiderman on them!  Dad and I are at a loss as to what to do for him, we've explained it's just pretend and that neither of the characters are real, the more we try to tell him it's not real and take him into the stores the mroe fearful he becomes of them.  Any advice on what I can do??

Wow, that's a hard one! I'm not sure how old your son is, I am assuming he is young by his reactions to your explanations. Young kids are emotional, not logical at all! The best you can do is to love him, love him, love him. Give him a chance to get over Spiderman on his own. Talk about other things (come up with some good ones so you are not stammering or floundering). Hold onto him a little more (holding hands, touching his hair as you walk by, resting a hand on his arm as you are speaking) to help make his world safe again. As he starts to feel safe, he will naturally want to step out into the world again. (Please note that I am not saying to smother him, just be there for him). As he gets older, his world gets bigger and he will get to where he will be ready for logical explanations.  You will all look back on this and laugh. Also, for Dad. Don't think that you have to ban him from everything until he is an adult. Just know that you didn't think this one through, and make better age/child readiness decisions in the future. Hope this helps!