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seperation anxiety
06/18/2007 at 09:09 AM

Can someone please help me before I go crazy!My four year old daughter started pre-school back in september and loved it,she was going everyday and also in ballet which she also loved.About a month ago she started crying,having tantrums,clinging to me,saying she didn't want to go to ballet or pre-school,or any friends homes that she always played with.She wakes in the night crying asking if she has pre-school or anything that would take her away from me.I had to come pick her up from pre-school last week because she was crying so bad,they didn't know how to get her to stop.She is hitting people,crying all the time.Even when I am home she needs to be right with me.I don't know what to do.She is even sleeping in our bed almost every night.She never did that before.I talked with her but all she says is that she would miss me if I leave.HELP!

I am no expert, but the fact that she did fine for nine months indicates that something may have happened to scare your daughter in some way.  If it was my child I would seek a child counselor for my daughter to talk to and get to the bottom of it, before she becomes anymore dependent on you or becomes further traumatized.  Good luck.



Hi mama,


I agree that it is odd that she was fine and enjoyed pre-school for 9 months and then suddenly seemed to be clingy.  I would wonder if something happened.  I think a counselor is probably a good idea and also I would try to talk to my daughter by asking her about specific teachers or workers at the school and see what her reaction is when you mention them.




Have you become actively involved in your daughters preschool? To know exactly what it is like their for her? Being their with her and evaluating the envirement she experiences when your not with her. Maybe someone has violated her or an adult was mean to her or she is scared of something their., so maybe another day care? Hanging out giving her a sense that your not leaving right away and paying close attention to the interaction that the provider or teachers have not just with your little girl but with the other children too. Children are intuitive and if something doesn't feel right they know and if emotions can not be expressed in a way to understand listening to what she tells you is the best .maybe shes just not ready to leave You. Maybe she thrives for your undivided attention - and what you can teach her. Maybe taking some time to be their , helping and volenteering, breaking her in to other kids and the program will help her get the swing of thinngs.