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Role Models in the Entertainment world
06/07/2007 at 21:18 PM

Hey All


As Lindsey Lohan checks into rehab again and Paris Hilton goes to jail and then gets out after a couple of days, I was thinking who do our young girls have to look up to in the entertainment business.  I am sure there are good role models but it seems the bad ones get all the press.  These girls party while being underage, they get pictures taken of their private parts and they don't ever seem to face any real consquences of their actions. 


Where are all the positive examples?  I don't want my daughter to look up to any of these young women but when this is all they see as images of women (on television at least) doesn't that affect how young women view themselves as women?


Let me know what you think.



Hi Marti:

I was a big fan of the late actress Eva Gabor (she died on the Fourth of July back in '95). She may have been married and divorced five times, but she was not a loose woman. She was very deeply religious, she was a hard worker, she didn't have as much scandal in her life like Zsa Zsa has (ex: Eva was never kicked off of an airliner or slapped a cop),  was a very stylish and classy dresser, and she hated cheating and lying (she dumped her last two husbands because she found out that they were cheating on her and having affairs), and she did a lot of charity work (ex: she was the honorary chairwoman for the American Cancer Society). Her death really affected me, and for two years alone, I was just crying on and off because I couldn't accept the fact that she was gone.  But I've had dreams that she's still alive, and she is; she is alive today in spirit, and I will never forget her.

I don't care that much about today's celebrities. I mean; look at Britney Spears. She got married in Las Vegas at 5:30 on a Saturday morning, and had it annulled three days later. She gets married again, has two kids, and the Los Angeles child authorities are after her because they say that she's an unfit mother.

And what is Paris Hilton famous for? She's nothing but a party girl?

And Lindsay Lohan drinking at a young age and ends up in rehab?

None of these stars today have the style, class, and glamour of not only Eva Gabor, but Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly as well. In fact, every time I pick up the Star or the National Enquirer, I see pictures of these actresses today (some I  never even heard of) dressed like sluts, whores, and even belly dancers. Even when they go to premieres today, they dress like slobs; they don't dress up like they used to in the old days, where they wore tuxedos and long gowns.

Today's Hollywood just doesn't appeal to me; the old Hollywood does, But sad to say, the Hollywood of my generation is dying.





I'm 13 almost 14 and I think that there are bad role models for us kids/teens. You just have to have good values in you. Like I've been taught and I know never to smoke or do drugs or anything like that. I've decided im not going to be a partyer. My role model is Miley Cyrus from the show Hannah montana on disney channel. The show comes on every night at 7:00. I adore Miley and I wish I could meet her some day. She's such a great kid and I know that she'll never turn out like Linsey, Brittany, or Paris.


Well, I would say that a young person should choose a role model that is real, someone they can get to know. They need to understand that media is not truth, but entertainment, and therefore they are probably not getting to know the real person. That teaches them to question the media, and also not to be disappointed in themselves when they are not like the people in the media. Luckily our generation didn't have much in the way of media. Our tvs usually didn't work and if they did we just got a few stations and therefore kind of boring. Magazines didn't write much about movie and tv personalities. My role models were real people that I could spend time with. Wonderful strong men and women who didn't have to be beautiful, thin and rich and didn't have perfect houses and lives all the time, but always had great wisdom and attitudes. Some of them are still alive and still doing great things. I even spent a summer with men (my college roommate's father and his friends) who had been Hungarian rebels who helped thousands of people escape being murdered by posing as military and sneaking them out and then snuck out themselves to the US where they became lawyers, writers and engineers. These were people that left us in awe. Real and exciting. It made you think that maybe you could do something brave and worthwhile like them, because they were right there just 3 feet away and talking to you in their living room. Real like me.  If kids spend too much time with people through media, they forget to look around them and see how interesting the real world is.

My 14-year-old son got out of bed and sat in front of the tv with 200 channels. I told him to put his bike on the car and we spent the day mountain biking. I can't stand when they watch tv for too long.

A woman once said that she and her 9 year old daughter watched Pink's music video "Stupid Girls" and found it very educational. Personally I think that ought to be the theme of young girls today. You know, on one side, Pink doesn't seem too much better, she smokes, she cusses, she dresses quite revealing now and then, but on another hand, she's never been arrested, she never got in trouble for drunk driving or showing up somewhere without her underwear on. She stands up for what she believes in and she speaks her mind (clearly, she's gotten a lot of attention from both sides regarding "Dear Mr. President")...for one thing I think we need more women in the entertainment business like Pink who stand up for their convictions and try to spread good messages.


Hi Marti and others...


Role models?


Should be!!

Aren't enough!!!



DaMoKi Bob


Hey Bob,


I agree with you that parents should be the role models and they are the first and should be the most important role models that children see, however, it is naive to think that children and teens don't look at other people in the news, in their school, in their neighborhood and in the media and consider them people to model their behavior after---children learn all sorts of behaviors from all sorts of places.


What I would like to see is more young women in the media that my daughter and others can see who they can look up to---that they could think of as a role model.  Yes, I am a role model but as a woman I would like to see some more young women in the limelight making good decisions for all the young women who are watching, whether we want them to be watching or not.




I believe parents should be the role models for their children but since parents are trying to be more like buddies to their children, maybe the kids don't see their parents as role models anymore.  They see their parents as their friends.  My mother is my role model. She was a single mom and took care of me through good and bad times.  If a child doesn't have a role model in the home or school, then maybe just maybe it would be ok to look up to someone in the entertainment business.  But I would prefer that child to look up to someone in a better job environment instead of Hollywood.


 I think it's just a big phase on the focus of the entertimanet im sure it wasn't always like this....right?


Miley is a great role model. She encourages young girls (Like me I'm 14)to go out there and shoot for their dreams. She totally supports them. She shows that "Nobody's Perfect" and they should just do what they believer they are good at.


I personally don't care if people think they're bad role models. They are just going through a hard time. Cut them some slack, if someone had a camera on you 24/7 when you were in your 20s it wouldn't be so good. (can't say this bout everyone though) but some people who act good now could have been going through stuff like them. They may not be good role models but nobody's perfect.


Talking about role models in Entertainment then Selena Gomez is my favorite. I still remember the moment she broke up in music industry and give biggest music hit "Cruella De Vil." She is the star full of passion and perfection about her life. I had read a news about Wizards of waverly place episodes where Selena gomez said that she is quite happy with her co star as a director. Here what she said "He knows exactly how to direct us, and he knows our personality and our characters better than any other director that comes. It’s really nice to see him grasp it.” It shows that her nature is always been good with collegues. I was feeling so bad when she was about to left wizards of waverly place. Her sweet and polite nature makes even more good on the show.

Definitely Mily is a great role model for me, i have learned alot from her experiences. The way she gained success is unbelievable.

Hanna Montanna could be a great role model for sure and I too like her.

Miley is My Favorite Model. She is great role model. It really very cute....