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rearing boys and girls
05/20/2007 at 00:20 AM

Hey All


Which do you think are harder to rear, boys or girls?  I only have a girl and she was always so easy---into the teen years she has gotten a little more challenging.  My nephew as been difficult since the day he was born. 


I think that boys are harder when they are young and girls are harder during the teen years.  What have all of you experienced?



I have 4 boys and most people tell me that boys are easier to raise.  I believe you are correct about the boys being harder younger and the girls being harder when they are older.  I have spoken to many, many experienced educators (teachers, principals, etc.) some with as many as 30 years of experience and they have all said that boys are easier.  They say it stems from the fact that boys fight it out and get it over with and girls hen peck and hold grudges.  I don't have any personal experience with girls though so I don't know for sure.


Hey four,


It is an interesting question, isn't it?  My husband is a teacher in high school and he probably has more trouble reaching some of the boys than the girls.  But, I think that he would still say that as a parent girls are harder at least in the teen years. 


I think boys being so physical is one thing that makes them harder when they are young.




My son has been much easier than my daughter. She is extremely emotional. She's been that way all three years of her life. She is also extremely bright, and extremely stubborn. My son isn't really extreme about anything. He's 1 1/2 and pretty calm. He is going through a very possesive stage right now, but it's nothing compared to what my daughter does. 


I have a family with only girl children (3 sisters, 5 nieces).  Until me... I am lucky enough to have a wonderful little boy.  I can honestly say that I do not see boys being harder.  I think our expectations of them are harder and less forgiving.  I have two nieces that were thrown out of preschool.  They don't get their way, they pout and whine (and sometimes grace us with a fit).  Behavior that would never be tolerated from a boy is overlooked when it comes from a girl.  After spending an ungodly amount of time volunteering in my son's Kinder. class, I have seen first hand the double standard between the behavioral expectations.  So, I say it isn't always the kids (boys).