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Potty Training at night
06/16/2007 at 12:34 PM

Has anyone else had trouble potty training at night with a 5 year old. She has been trained during the day since 3, but can't seem to stop wetting at night. I have tried waking her up and she is so out of it there is no way to get her to the bathroom.  Not sure what to do.  She is the youngest of four and the others never had this problem.  HELP!

Some kids have a hard time with this clear through elementary school. I would put her on a matress that won't be hurt by the accidents (like a toddler bed matress or put a plastic cover on it.) Then let her have a pull up when she wants to and let her wear underwear when she wants to. Also try to limit liquids just before bed. Make sure she drinks plenty in the morning, afternoon and early evening but don't let her drink for an hour or two just before bed. Good Luck!


My son is 8 years old and had next to zero dry nights...ever. He was never upset by this and his year younger brother never teased him so it was not really an issue in our family. Our doctor was of the opinion that he would outgrow it and if he was fine emotionally about it not to worry. However, my husband and I thought it was time after a few sleep overs that were more stressful on us as parents....Anyway, we bought one of those bedtime alarms (Malem). The first few nights I thought it was money wasted. The alarm would be going off in his ear and he would just keep sleeping. I'd get him up and get his to the bathroom and he'd still be asleep.  After a week or two he was able to stop the urine and would be awake when I went in. A few days and he could shut off the alarm and get to the bathroom with just a drop in his underwear. A few more weeks and he is dry almost all the time! We had a little relaps when he had the flu, but putting the alarm back on him and he is back to being dry. He is at cub scout camp this weekend and I am anxious to hear if he made it through the night! Cross your fingers for us! Anyway, give it a try....it just might work for you too.