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please anyone with advice about my dog
07/26/2007 at 11:39 AM
I have a 1 1/2 yr old beagle dog,and he wont stop using the br in my basement.Its like no matter how long he been outside he'll still come in for 20 min ,and be going in my bs.Anyone with any suggestions please.Im at the end of my ropes with him,and want to get rid of him.I just can't keep doing this cleaning up stuff.He know's what he did when he does it help help!!!!Thank you

Hmmm well there are a few things that can make your dog do that. Asuming he was housebroken to begin with (he was, wasn't he?). Have you recently started a new job or changed hours? Recently had a new child or roomate? Have you checked to make sure he is not ill? Dogs and cats both do react to changes and making messes in places where they didnt before usually means they are upset or ill. I have a cat that did that. I had to start keeping her outside because my daughters allergies got much worse. The cat did not like that and she started making messes on my childrens beds. She would come straight in from outside and go directly to their rooms and do it. I know it is because she was angry but because of my daughters allergies there was nothing i could do about it and we ended up having to give her away. For your dog though if there have been changes then showing him some extra attention and praising him for going outside is a good way to make him more comfortable. Also i think dogs are like children, after 2 or 3 minutes of yelling at them all they hear is whaaa waaaa waaaa. I dont think it is effective. I hope things work out.