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Parenting Description 6/6/2007
06/06/2007 at 13:58 PM

I work for a School District. I am leading a discussion with incoming first grade parents. I would like to know by what 3 words people would choose to discribe parenting.

If I had to describe parenting in three words it would be as a learning, lending, and listening experience.  If you have a large group of parents perhaps you can play an abc game using  letters of the alphabet to descibe parenting.  Start with the letter "a" and see how well it goes.


Hey linda,


Hmm, that is a good question, I have never really thought about what words I would use to describe parenting.  The first would be unconditional love.  The second I would say challenging.  And the third would be joy.




The three words I would use to describe parenting are Patience, Loving, Listening!!


Parenting in just 3 words???  WOW, lets see first would be LOVE, Second would be FLEXABILITY and last would be SUPPORT. thats the best I can do with 3 words.


UN Pre Paired!




For me it the words would be patience, gratitude, and commitment.

Patience for the act of being a parent.

Gratitude because if you are greatful for your children and who they are, good or bad, it seems to make the hard times more bareable and the good times more cherished 

Commentment.  Be commited to your child, their discipline, their education, their sleep and nutrition. Because commitment is a great example for them and will make them feel safe in this changing world.


Can't do it in three: shouldn't try. The comment by 'gadnynj' was great: Un pre pared. Parents, like kids, should not be placed in a restrictive, descriptive category with three walls like that. But, what the heck,  to answer anyway, to me they would be: protector, mentor, and advisor. You first need to protect them from their ignorance of thought and behavior, then you should guide them toward cultivation of skills, habits and attitudes which will serve them well, and finally you can be a trusted advisor after they realize they really don't have all the answers because they keep hearing new questions... sort of like what happens to the rest of us.

Good luck!

DaMoKi Bob