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need advice family daycare
08/02/2007 at 17:02 PM

I need some advice.I am currently watching my nephew for my sister and have been for two years and do this for half the cost of regular daycare.I want to stop watching him but am afraid she will be mad at me for doing so.It has become to much to handle I have 2 children of my own one with a disability and feel myself and my children  can use this time together not only that  my husband is getting frustrated with the everyday watching someone elses kid.I would give her 2 months to find daycare and offer to be back up just can't do the everyday no more. Please help

You have the right to live your life without raising someone else's kids.  Before you tell them, contact your local 4C office (community coordinated child care) for referral possibilities.  Also, most states have financial assistance for child care for people who need it.

If she gets mad, she'll get over it, but YOUR family should be your first priority.  Quit feeling so guilty and move forward. 


Oh dont feel guilty. I was a child care provider for 13 years and i have 5 kids of my own. I never felt guilty about quitting a kid if they were unmanagable or i just needed a break. If you get stressed everyone suffers not just you. 2 months notice is a long time and awfully nice of you. I I agree with kj totally. If you really feel guilty then find some possible replacements for her. If anything she should maybe feel guilty for (and maybe i misread but didnt you say you had a disabled child?) taking advantage of you and not paying enough. I know family is family but come on if you can do it then why cant she?