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movies and friends
07/18/2007 at 20:44 PM

my 12 year old daughter is asking to go to the movies with friends,
be dropped off and picked up after the movies, I am thinking she is
still too young for this, how do I know what the right age is? need help

My oldest is only 9 years old so I haven't gone through this yet but my rule is usually to just go with my gut.  If I'm really unsure or nervous I just say no. I figure God gave us that mother's intuition for a reason.  Good Luck. 


Hey tammyp,


I think it depends on a lot of things.  I let my daughter go at 12 to the movies and be dropped off and picked up--I knew all the kids she was going with and it was a group which made me feel better.  Also, I knew she was going to a movie theater in a safe place.  And I dropped her off very close to the starting time of the movie and I was there to pick her up before the movie ended so that she walked right out of the movie and into my car.  She also had instructions to not leave the theater and to go to the bathroom with a friend.  It worked out fine and she has been going to the movies ever since. 


I don't know that there is a right age, I think you have to consider your daughter and all the other factors and go from there.




I have a 12 yr old and a 13 year old.  They are allowed to go to the movies in the daytime with a group of friends.  The crowd seems to change at night to older teens.  The theater is in a safe place and there is a police officer there for security.  I drop them off right before the movie starts and am there waiting when the movie ends. (You can call the theater for the exact ending time) I think it really depends on how responsibly your child acts.  My youngest seems to be testing his limits right now, so he would not be able to go without an adult or an older, more responsible person.