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Magazines for Kids
07/19/2007 at 14:22 PM

I like to keep my kids reading, and my daughter likes her magazines. (Clubhouse Jr. and Highlights).  Any other good one with 'clean' content?

btw - I found a coupon code for $15 off at Highlights Catalog MC23861 (looks like it works if you spend $90)

American Girl is one and New Moon is a good one that celebrates being a girl.


I teach school, and I have bought a subscription of KIDS DISCOVER Magazine (c/o P.O. Box 54206, Boulder, Colorado 80323). My students seem to really enjoy it. It comes out once a month, and each issue is dedicated to one main topic, so the topic goes well beyond the "surface level." It has fantastic illustrations, it is well-written, and it is geared to peak the interest of kids. I know my students look forward to each new issue. I have even gone back and ordered several of the magazine editions in bulks of 25 so that we could use them in class all at one time! KIDS DISCOVER now has a KIDS DISCOVER 2 for children in Grades 1-3, too. You may want to check it out at I also have a subscription to National Geographic for Kids which the kids seem to really enjoy, too. ZOO BOOKS (actually magazine) is another magazine-type book that my students love. All three of these magazines listed are excellent for students to use as resources for writing reports, speeches, etc. js

There are some great websites out there (e-zines) that will keep your kids reading. Some that I like are, Discovery Kids, Time for Kids, and Sports Illustrated for Kids. Good luck!


2 other good ones are Calliope and Faces also cricket is great.